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Tracked Standard Shipping On All Orders I Call Us on 866.802.7613 I Chat with USA Based Agents I Email


Digital Auto Lens Meter I 7-Inch Touch Screen, UV & PD Printing | Advanced Focimeter Lensometer

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  • Spherical Power (Spectacle Lens): -25 m-1 to +25 m-1
  • Cylindrical Power: -9.99 m-1 to +9.99 m-1
  • Progressive ADD Power: -9.99 m-1 to +9.99 m-1
  • Spherical Power (Contact Lens): -20 m-1 to +20 m-1
  • Vertex Power Step Measurement: 0.01 m-1, 0.06 m-1, 0.12 m-1, 0.25 m-1
  • Cylindrical Lens Astigmatism Axis Angle Measurement Scope: 0° to 180°, step 1°
  • Prism Base Angle Measurement Scope: 0° to 360°, step 1°
  • Prism Degree Measurement Scope: Horizontal 0 to 20, step 0.01; Vertical 0 to 20, step 0.01
  • Measurable Lens Diameter: φ10mm to φ100mm
  • Measurable Lens Center Thickness: ≤20mm
  • Lens PD Measurement Scope: 40mm to 82mm, step 0.25mm
  • Lens PH Difference Measurement Scope: 0mm to 50mm, step 0.25mm
  • Measurable Lens Frame Leg Length: 0mm to 160mm
  • Measurable Anti-UV Transmittance Rate: 0% to 100%, step 1%
  • Main Engine Power Supply: Direct current 12V, 45W
  • Screen: 800x480 color screen, full-touch screen
  • Printer: Thermal printing, printing paper width 57mm


  1. Rapid and Accurate Progressive Lens Measurement:

    • Utilizes the Hartmann multi-point area measurement method for swift and precise measurement of progressive lenses.
  2. Convenient Operation without ABBE Constant:

    • Green LED light source eliminates the need for ABBE constant compensation, ensuring simpler operation and more accurate measurements.
  3. High-Speed Processing System:

    • Employs an extensible integrated high-speed processing system for rapid image processing, with an operation ability of up to 4000 dmips.
  4. Support for Ultra-Low Transmittance and Low Dispersion Lens:

    • Utilizes integrated high-speed processing systems for accurate measurement of low scatter lenses.
  5. High Prism Measurement Limit:

    • Offers a high prism measurement limit of up to 20 delta in both horizontal and vertical directions, providing greater flexibility.
  6. Automatic Lens Type Identification:

    • Equipped with an automatic identification system that switches to the corresponding measurement mode based on lens characteristic parameters.
  7. Support for PD, PH, UV Measurement Result Printout:

    • Enables printing of measurement results for PD, PH, and UV.

Please note: Two color options available - black and white. By default, the white machine will be provided unless otherwise specified.