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Tracked Standard Shipping On All Orders I Call Us on 866.802.7613 I Chat with USA Based Agents I Email


Efficient Laboratory Automatic Elution Instrument: Simplifying DNA/RNA Primer Sample Transfer, Washing, and Elution I Model Model Number MHY06

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Current price $27,000.00

Streamlined Automatic Elution Instruments for DNA/RNA Primer Sample Transfer, Washing, and Elution

Experience seamless automation in sample transfer, rinsing, loading, drying, washing, and elution with our cutting-edge Automatic Elution Instruments. Equipped with a positive pressure pump, it ensures precise flow rates and high recovery rates throughout the process.



  1. Fully Automated Liquid Beating and Pumping: Enjoy hands-free operation with automated liquid handling for efficient processing.

  2. Programmable Beating Sequence and Volume: Customize the elution process according to your specific requirements with flexible programming options.

  3. Optional 8-Lane Pipette: Enhance productivity with the ability to transfer entire rows of primers during purification.

  4. Optional Shaking and Plate Heating: Further optimize your workflow with optional shaking and reaction plate heating capabilities for added versatility.

  1. Featuring a row of 8 liquid dispensing holes, our instrument facilitates simultaneous dispensing, with the ability to individually dispense liquid through designated key dispensing holes.

  2. Versatile reagent bottle configurations accommodate multiple reagent positions, enhancing flexibility in experimentation.

  3. Each reagent is equipped with a four-way valve, enabling seamless switching between reagent, wash, gas, and off modes for precise control.

  4. With three pressure levels—high, medium, and low—the instrument offers convenient flexibility in regulating liquid flow rates.

  5. Leveraging positive pressure, our instrument ensures efficient liquid handling and transfer.

  6. Equipped with two positions for 96-well plates, users can specify plate types according to their needs.

  7. Beneath the plate position, options include utilizing a 96-well deep-well plate for liquid collection or employing a waste liquid collection tank for direct liquid disposal.

  8. Software functionalities allow for easy selection of reagent type and quantity for refilling. Users can customize parameters such as waiting time and pressure level, control pressure feeding

  • Warranty : 1 year