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Tracked Standard Shipping On All Orders I Call Us on 866.802.7613 I Chat with USA Based Agents I Email


Effortless Nitrogen Analysis: Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer & Distiller Apparatus I Model MAKN10S

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Experience Seamless Nitrogen Analysis with the Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Distiller & Analyzer Apparatus



  • Streamlined operations: Automates dilution water addition, alkali addition, distillation, titration, calculation, and printing, alongside automatic emptying of digestion tubes and receiver cups.
  • Advanced Android OS: Navigate experiments effortlessly with a 7-inch HD color touchscreen, providing real-time experiment control.
  • External titration cup: Operators maintain real-time control over the experimental process.
  • Adjustable steam flow: Customize steam flow within a 0~100% range.
  • User authority classification: Manage operations securely with user authority classification, operation log query, and data traceability management.
  • Built-in storage: 8G storage space and various built-in application solutions enhance convenience.
  • Quick emptying function: Minimize contact with high-temperature waste liquid with a rapid emptying function.
  • Precision dosing pump and titration system: Ensure accurate experimental results.
  • Titration process display: Monitor experimental progress with online monitoring and image curve display.


  • Model: MAKN10S
  • Measuring Range: 0.1mg-240mg N
  • Recovery Rate: ≥99.5%
  • Sample Amount: Solid≤6g; Liquid≤25mL
  • Distillation Speed: 3-8min/sample
  • Distillation Time: 0-99min
  • Repeatability: ≤0.5%
  • Titration Precision: 1.0μl/step
  • Storage Data: 1 million groups
  • Reagents Bottle Liquid Level Detection: Yes
  • Protection Device: Flow rate detection, liquid level alarm, over temperature and overpressure protection
  • Display: 7 inches LCD display
  • Rated Power: 12kW
  • Power Supply: Standard: 220V 50/60Hz, optional: 110V 50/60Hz
  • External Size: 490380725mm
  • Net Weight: 80lbs
  • Packing Size: 630560975mm; 400400350mm
  • Gross Weight: 100lbs; 6lbs

Unlock precise and efficient nitrogen analysis with our cutting-edge Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer Distiller Apparatus.

  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Power : 2000W
  • Measuring Range : 0.1mg-240mg N
  • Recovery Rate : ≥99.5%
  • Sample Amount : Solid≤6g; Liquid≤25mL
  • Distillation Speed : 3-8min/sample
  • Distillation Time : 0-99min
  • Repeatability : ≤0.5%
  • Titration Precision : 1.0μl/step
  • Storage Data : 1 million groups