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Electric Spring Testing Machine: Automatic Tension & Pressure Tester with Digital Display Model MW211345

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Electric Spring Testing Machine - Automatic Tension & Pressure Tester with Digital Display

Our fully automatic Electric Spring Testing Machine meets the international standard JB/T7796-2005 for spring tension and pressure testing. Designed for a wide range of spiral springs, this machine offers precise tension and pressure tests. It automatically measures the free length of the spring and simultaneously records the force at four points and the spring coefficient.



  1. Comprehensive Testing Capabilities: Automatically determines spring tension, pressure, and elastic coefficient, with the ability to measure four points simultaneously.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Operated via a touch screen system for simple and convenient use.
  3. High Precision Measurements: Force can be set up to three decimal places (0.001N), and displacement accuracy reaches 0.01mm.
  4. Zero Calibration Functions: Features both automatic and manual zero calibration for efficient operation, and retains height settings after power off.
  5. Dual Testing Methods: Supports both height and deformation methods for pressure testing, allowing measurements of spring compression and corresponding force.
  6. Accuracy Assurance: Preloading and rigidity compensation ensure precise measurements.
  7. Safety Features: Equipped with a load sensor for overload protection and an emergency stop function.
  8. Micro Printer Included: Facilitates easy data recording and documentation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Force Ranges: 10N, 20N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1000N, 2000N
  • Resolution: 0.001N, 0.01N
  • Selectable Units: N, kg, g, lb, oz
  • Force Measurement Accuracy: <1%
  • Displacement Accuracy: ±0.01mm
  • Speed Range: 5-300mm/min
  • Effective Test Space: 350mm
  • Standard Disc Diameter: 15mm
  • Test Functions: Choice of pressure or tension, or dual use for both
  • Profile Size: 420 x 292 x 750mm
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Power Supply: 1100V

This versatile and reliable spring tester is ideal for precision testing in various industrial applications, ensuring accurate and efficient measurement of spring properties


  • Warranty : 1 YEAR
  • Power : Electronic
  • Application : Construction Industry
  • range : 10-2000N
  • Force measurement accuracy : <1%
  • Displacement accuracy : ±0.01mm
  • speed : 5-300mm/min
  • Effective test space : 350mm
  • Standard disc diameter : 15mm
  • Profile size : 420*292*750mm