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MRI Machine 1.5T: Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging System with X-ray Capability

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Current price $375,500.00

Introducing our latest innovation: the MRI Machine 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging System, designed to revolutionize medical diagnosis with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Product Name: New Arrival MRI Machine 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

Key Features:

  • Magnet Center Field: Boasts a powerful 1.5T magnet for exceptional imaging accuracy.
  • Magnet Shimmed Uniformity: Ensures uniformity with ≤2.0ppm @ 45cm DSV VRMS.
  • Magnet Size: Compact dimensions of 1570mm × 1866mm × 2272mm for space efficiency.
  • Magnet Clear Bore Diameter: Offers a spacious 850mm bore diameter for patient comfort.
  • Magnet Weight: Lightweight design with a weight of <4.0 tons for easy installation.
  • Cold Head: Equipped with an efficient RDE-412D4 cold head for optimal cooling performance.
  • RF Noise Attenuation: Provides superior noise attenuation of >90dB for clear imaging results.
  • Couch Route: Ample 2215mm couch route to accommodate various patient positions.
  • Couch Max Load: Supports a maximum load of 90kg for patient safety and comfort.
  • Couch Height: Adjustable height of 800mm for ease of patient access.
  • Gradient Amplitude: Features a gradient amplitude of 35mT/m for precise imaging.
  • Gradient Slew Rate: Rapid gradient slew rate of 135mT/m/ms for quick image acquisition.
  • Gradient Peak Voltage: High peak voltage of 940V for efficient gradient performance.
  • Gradient Peak Current: Robust peak current of 630A for reliable gradient operation.
  • Minimum Slice Thickness: Offers a minimum slice thickness of 0.1mm for detailed imaging.
  • Resonant Frequency: Operates at a resonant frequency of 63.86MHz for optimal signal detection.
  • RFPA Power: Powerful 20KW RFPA power for enhanced signal transmission.
  • Spectrometer Input Frequency Range: Wide input frequency range of 15-64MHz for versatility.
  • Maximum RF Receiver Channels: Supports up to 8 RF receiver channels for comprehensive imaging.
  • RF Maximum Matrix: Offers a maximum matrix of 1024x1024 for high-resolution imaging.
  • V Shape Longer Spine Coil: 16-channel coil design for precise spine imaging.
  • Large Plus Head Coil: 24-channel coil for detailed head imaging.
  • Large Head Coil: 16-channel coil for comprehensive head imaging coverage.

Our MRI Machine 1.5T Xray Machine Digit Veterinary Medical Diagnosis delivers exceptional performance and advanced imaging capabilities, making it a valuable asset for medical facilities seeking top-tier diagnostic solutions.

  • Magnet weight : <4.0 ton
  • Gradient Amplitude : 35mT/m
  • Resonant Frequency : 135mT/m/ms