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1.3 L CO2 Cylinder Generator Kit with Solenoid Valve for Aquarium Plants (Mini)

$149.95 $179.95
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  • 【mini Body】Designed for small tank. Does not take up too much space! Quick plug design, makes the filling of ingredients SO convenient!
  • 【High Quality Accessories】Acrylic co2 diffuser(the disk can be replaced and the refining effect is much better than glass one); Check valve(prevent thetank water backflow)
  • 【SUS 304 Filter Element】Minimize the failure of solenoid valve
  • 【SUS 304 Stainlees Steel Material 】The Cylinder, Filter Element and the Neddle valve., etc are all using real SUS 304, Durable and long lasting
  • 【Low Temperature Silent Solenoid Valve】12V DC, working temperature is lower than body temperature, no sound and no noise!

Product Description

1.3L Mini CO2 Generator Kit

Suitable for nano tanks up to 60cm/24inch in length.

  • DIY plastic bottle generator ugly and not durable? Then this product will be a good choice for you. Compact and more durable, more elegant. It includes almost all accessories except raw materials.
  • Support about 100g of citric acid and 100g of baking soda.
  • Tested and passed QC before releasing to the market.
  • Condensation can occur on the outside of the cylinder, so best to place the unit on something to catch the water. For example, a rag.
  • The regulator and solenoid valve will become dirty with use due to reaction, which will cause issues such as malfunction. Please disassemble and clean them regularly according to the instruction manual.

Solenoid Bubble Counter

  • Quick plug connection, one second plug in and take off.
  • Enable automatic switching with a timer (not included).
  • Waterproof, cool touch, precision, safe, 12v DC, no noise.

Built-in pressure relief valve and high-quality three-stage cartridge.

Equipped with a high quality acrylic material bubble counter diffuser.

Use time=1bps × 8h/1day ≈ 15Days

Type 1.3L CO2 Cylinder Generator 2.4 L CO2 Cylinder Generator 5.5 L CO2 Cylinder Generator CO2 Plastic Bottle Generator CO2 Plastic Bottle Generator CO2 Plastic Bottle Generator
Generated pressure 0~25kg/cm² (0~356psi) 0~50kg/cm² (0~711psi) 0~50kg/cm² (0~711psi) 0~3kg/cm² (0~43psi) 0~3kg/cm² (0~43psi) 0~3kg/cm² (0~43psi)
Automatic pressure relief value ≥40kg/cm² (569psi) ≥80kg/cm² (1138psi) ≥80kg/cm² (1138psi) ≈4kg/cm² (57psi) ≈4kg/cm² (57psi) ≈4kg/cm² (57psi)
On/Off Valve Solenoid switch valve Solenoid switch valve - Manual Switch valve Manual Switch valve Manual Switch valve
Built in needle valve?