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100L Reptile Incubator I Automatic Incubator Cooling and Heating 41℉ to 100℉ 110V Reptile Egg Mute Breeding Hatchery Work for Snakes Wall Lizard and Turtles

$1,750.00 $1,897.00
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  • This Large 100L reptile incubator has a heating and cooling function and a large internal space, and the price, noise and vibration are far lower than those of similar thermostats. Choose a cool environment to make the reptile thermostat more stable.
  •  Our reptile thermostat can be used as a turtle, snake, chameleon and other eggs hatching, also can raise reptiles. The cooling function can be applied to part of the turtle egg stagnation period and hibernation of turtles.
  • This reptile incubator is stable and insulated, and uses German refrigeration technology, which allows for stable and precise internal control.
  •  Please let it stand for 8 hours after you get the reptile thermostat before using it. There is a spiral foot at the bottom to adjust the balance as needed. When using, turn on the switch, press "SET" to set the temperature, you can switch between ℉ and ℃ display, the light key can turn on the white clear light to illuminate the internal environment.
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