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30W Reef LED Aquarium Light, Dimmable Marine LED Light with Dual Channel Wired Controller, Nano Fish Tank Light for Saltwater Coral Fish Tanks

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  • Full color spectrum (popular blue spectrum, red, green and Violet+UV) light promotes optimal coral growth and enhances dramatic coloration, while creating a gentle shimmer throughout the aquarium
  • Adjustable light intensity with 6 levels, white and blue channels can be operated together or independently, control the light intensity and spectrum to create the perfect light environment for your saltwater aquariums
  • With a recommended spread of 18''x18'', the light has a peak PAR of 100┬ÁMol at a depth of 24 inches, suitable for LPS corals and soft corals reef tanks
  • Easily mount the light on your rimmed or rimless tank with the gooseneck mount included, you can also choose to suspend the light above your aquarium with hanging kit (included)
  • Compatible with NICREW Dual Channel timer (sold separately), gradually turns the light on to simulate sunrise and dim the light to simulate sunset

Product Description

A30 Reef LED Light

The 30W Reef LED Aquarium Light for Saltwater Aquariums is a perfect choice for soft corals and LPS dominated tanks, which features Cool White, Red, Green, Royal Blue, Blue, Violet, and UV LEDs for full spectrum output with wavelengths that exceeds the visible light spectrum. Creating the most vivid spectrum and multiple spectral combinations optimized to suit your aquarium's exact lighting needs.

NICREW 30W Reef LED Aquarium Light

The NICREW 30W Reef LED Aquarium Light provides the integral energy for your reef corals with a high PAR output and strong penetration. It has 18 LEDs that range from 405 nm (UV) to 660 nm (Deep Red). The light comes with a higher ratio of actinic blue spectrum LEDs balanced with full spectrum creates a perfect color combination for fish, inverts, and corals to fluoresce and look vivid. Wide angle dispersion lenses evenly spread light over your entire tank while ensuring superior color blending.

  • Perfect for the growth of soft corals and LPS
  • Multiple types of mounting solutions
  • Recommended Spread - 18" x 18"
  • Two channels (White & Blue) brightness can be adjusted
  • Compatible with NICREW Dual-channel timer (Sold separately)
  • With a peak PAR of 100┬ÁMol at a depth of 24 inches
  • ETL Listed 20V DC power supply
  • A proprietary blend of UV light enhances coral growth and color

Wired Controller

The light is able to be set to 5%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% intensities for each channel to allow you to adjust the light intensity and spectrum for your tank.

Two Mounting Options

Two options for assembly, one is via a steel wire suspension, another one is via an assembly bracket that attaches to the edge of your framed or frameless aquarium.

Heat Dissipation Panel

Featuring heat dissipation panels provide great heat dissipation. This innovative heat management system enhances longevity and efficiency.