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3D Printer Industrial Grade Structure with Dual Extruder for Fast Printing

$3,150.00 $3,497.00
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Our 3D printer offers faster and smoother printing with its fully industrial-grade structure, using a second-generation dual Z-axis structure, and upgraded linear guides. The high temp extruder and increased printing speed of 20% allow for easy printing at 100cc per hour. With the ability to print almost all types of filaments, such as PLA, ABS, and NYLON, the iFast offers freedom in filament choice.

The heated chamber, capable of reaching 60°C, and the excellent mechanical structure allows for the production of robust manufacturing-grade parts. The dual extruder, automatic adjustment, and PVA water-soluble support allow for freedom in the manufacturing of complex parts. The all-metal high temp extruder is more durable and produces smoother prints. The pre-installed dual extruder and print size of 330x250x320mm make it easy to use. The slicing software, with both normal and expert modes, offers an excellent user experience with a large UI interface and the option for personalized printing.

Product Dimensions 20.47"D x 28.74"W x 24.41"H
Item Weight 93.5 Pounds