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(4900GPH-250W,UL listed) High Flow Submersible Water Pump - Pond Pump - Submersible Pump - Water Fountain Pump - Aquarium Pump ,PS-4900

$184.95 $221.95
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  • AMPHIBIOUS - Our fully submersible water pump is functions at 100% in fountains, ponds, aquariums, hydroponics, and other small waters. Our functional and versatile design can be used for diving or land, giving users needed flexibility.
  • DURABLE - Our water pump is made from premium quality materials,the shaft and drive ring piece are made from silicon carbide material featuring anti-dry safety protection. This ensures our product reliably services your fish tank, aquarium, and hydroponic needs with less risk of accident damage.
  • ULTRA QUIET & OVER-HEAT PROTECTION - Our pond pump is designed to be nearly silent. It features a unique inlet mesh cover that prevents garbage suction as well and reduces motor sounds, ensuring your water bodies are quietly circulated and maintained.Engineered for 24-hour continuous use, while a heat-overload sensor prevents a burnout
  • ENERGY-SAVING - As compared with other pumps, less power consumption with higher flow rate (4900GPH,18546LPH)It's fit for 817 gallon pond.
  • 5 DIRECTION OF OUTLET- Our water pump has many capabilities to provide easy and diverse installation in your pond, fish tank, fountains, waterfalls, hydroponic systems, and irrigation systems;. Five outlet direction options to allow for flexible positioning. The pump features a 20ft power cord for optimal mobility.1-year warranty. NOT SATISFIED? CONTACT WATER-REBIRTH DIRECTLY, 24 HOUR ONLINE SERVICE.
  • Note: Our pump requires routine maintenance, if your water is very dirty, please check the maintenance video and clean the pump rotor every month. If the routine maintenance is neglected, warranty is null and void.

Product Description

Water-Rebirth is a professional tank manufacturer serving customers throughout California. Additionally, we offer exceptional pond, garden, and fountain products for your decorative and maintenance needs.

Our skilled team boasts 20 years of significant experience in developing products you can rely on. Through our injection, molding, and research and development operations, we continue to produce competitive aquarium equipment that meets industry standards.

WaterRebirth Submersible Water Pump

Water Rebirth Submersible Water Pump is powerful and works effectively for a variety of water features, including ponds, aquarium tanks, fountains, waterfalls, and hydroponic systems due to its powerful motor.

This pump is meant for fresh water use only. This design features a high flow rate and durable material to withstand larger water bodies and filtration requirements. This powerful design ensures a reliably maintained environment for your aquatic pets and plants.

  • Not only product, we also provide best service.
  • Any tech. question, please Call Californian service center: JOB-206-OTOT.
Power 100W 120W 155W 175W 230W
Voltage/Frenquency 110-120V/60Hz 110-120V/60Hz 110-120V/60Hz 110-120V/60Hz 110-120V/60Hz
Output 3/4" or 1" 1" or 1 1/4" 1" or 1 1/4" 1" or 1 1/4" 1 1/4" or 1 3/4"
H-MAX 14FT 15FT 17FT 18FT 18.2FT
Hose Adapter 1700GPH 2200GPH 2900GPH 3200GPH 4000GPH
Power Cord Length 20.3FT 20.3FT 20.3FT 20.3FT 20.3FT
Waterproof Rating IPX8 IPX8 IPX8 IPX8 IPX8
Power 250W 305W 320W 520W 620W
Voltage/Frenquency 110-120V/60Hz 110-120V/60Hz 110-120V/60Hz 110-120V/60Hz 110-120V/60Hz
Output 1 1/4" or 1 3/4" 1 1/4" or 1 3/4" 1 1/2" or 2" 2" 2"
H-MAX 19FT 20FT 20.2FT 26FT 27.6FT
Hose Adapter 4900GPH 5700GPH 7000GPH 8600GPH 9800GPH
Power Cord Length 20.3FT 20.3FT 20.3FT 20.3FT 20.3FT
Waterproof Rating IPX8 IPX8 IPX8 IPX8 IPX8
Power 340 180 39 180 24 105
Voltage 120V-60Hz 120V-60Hz 120V-60Hz 120V-60Hz 120V-60Hz 110-120V /60Hz
Flow Max (GPH)) 2600 2000 581 2000 396 1320
Head Max (feet) 28.3 21 8.53 21.6 7.55 12.8
Cable Length (feet) 20.3 20.3 20.3 20.3 20.3 20.3