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55000 BTU Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump for In-ground and Above-Ground Pools, 16 kW Electric Pool Heater with Titanium Heat Exchanger, 220-240V

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Multipurpose Swimming Pool Heat Pump, This powerful pool heat pump can be suitable for in-ground pools up to 22,000 gallons,if being used for on-ground pools, its heating capacity will be far more than 22000 gallons, which is a better solution to high capacity swimming pools.

  • Multipurpose Swimming Pool Heat Pump: This powerful pool heat pump can be suitable for in-ground pools up to 22,000 gallons,if being used for on-ground pools, its heating capacity will be far more than 22000 gallons, which is a better solution to high capacity swimming pools.
  • High Efficiency But Low Consumption Inverter Pool Heat Pump: When performance at 80℉(air temperature)and humidity 80%, the C.O.P of this inverter pool heat pump can be up to 16, which is three times higher than fixed frequency heat pump! But the max power consumption is just 2.35, which is 30% lower than the fixed frequency ones.
  • Components with High Heat Utilization Rate: With innovative flat tube titanium heat exchanger, the heat exchanging efficiency is 30% higher than spiral tubes, will not waste your any penny.
  • Attentive Product Design: Efficient rotary compressor and low-noise fan guarantee the heat pump works quietly. Galvanized steel body panels with graceful design are impervious to rust and deterioration. The digital LED display makes setting simple and visible.
  • Premium Security: Built-in advanced protection system with automatic electrical-leakage protection, low-voltage switch, too high and low temperature protection, and compressor discharging protection.

  • Heating & cooling with reverse circle defrost. R32 refrigerant

    Performance at Air 78.8°F, Water Heated to 78.8°F, Relative Humidity 80%

    Heating Capacity:4.1-16 kW(14000-55000 BTU)

    Power consumption:0.25-2.8 kW(853.5-9559.2 BTU)

    C.O.P.:5.7-16.4 W/W

    Performance at Air 59°F, Water Heated to 78.8°F, Relative Humidity 70%

    Heating capacity:3.2-12.8 kW(10924.8-43699.2 BTU)

    Power consumption:0.31-2.5 kW(1058.34-8535 BTU)

    C.O.P.:5.1-10.2 W/W


    • Voltage: 220-240 V
    • Rated Current: 13.3 A
    • Max Current: 16 A
    • Heating performance: 22000 BTU
    • Advised water flow: 6.8 m³/h
    • Water Pressure Drop: 15 kPa
    • Water Hose Connection: Ø 50 mm