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6 Channels and 16 Bands Oticon RIA2 Pro Hearing Aid

$1,200.00 $2,190.00
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6 Channels and 16 Bands Oticon RIA2 Pro Hearing Aid from Trusted Manufacturer



The new design RITE and Invisible In the Canal (IIC) hearing aids will change how you think about hearing aids. Smaller and more beautiful than ever, these models are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them. And there’s no need for fiddling with small buttons. Discover the perfect balance between size and performance.


A style to suit everyone

You and your hearing professional can decide together which type of style would best suit you. Both styles have roughly the same performance and functions, but are fitted to the ear differently. Much like choosing between contact lenses or glasses, you can find out which is best for you


The first ever IIC with wireless technology

Up to now, the ultra-compact IIC has come at the price of reduced features and limited use cases. Not anymore. Oticon's new IIC instruments with wireless technology make it possible to combine all the benefits of invisible hearing aids, outstanding listening performance, wireless access to communication and entertainment and the optional remote control.


Family Features

YouMatic Essential
Binaural Synchronisation

Binaural PB Coordination
Fitting Bandwidth 8 kHz
inium feedback shield
Free Focus Essential
Artificial Intelligence

Essential Memory
AutoPhone Program
Modulation Based
Singleband Directionality
Flexible miniFit receiver system
ConnectLine and Remote Control
DAI input and FM option
In-situ audiometry (Genie)


The Ria family styles range from compact In-the-Ear styles to a broad palette of Behind-the-Ear styles. The style range include the new wireless Invisible-Inthe-Canal (IIC), Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC) and the new designRITE for users looking for ultimate discretion. The RITE instruments use Oticon’s miniFit receivers and the BTE instruments use the new Corda miniFit thin tubes, allowing sharing the miniFit soft domes and custom ear pieces. Oticon Ria can be fitted to users with mild to severe-to-profound hearing losses






Product Name Oticon RIA2 Pro Hearing Aid