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Alkaline Filtered Water pH Hydrate Bottle(10oz/300ml)

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Product Description

This pH ON-THE-GO filter recipe is made from the highest quality materials with great benefits for you. The pouch equals 416 cups / 26 gallons / 98 litres of water, or a lifetime of 2 months (50 days), based on a daily average consumption of 8 glasses a day.


Increases pH and produces small molecular sized structured ionized water.

Breaks down water molecules into structured patterns recognized by your cells for easy absorption and better hydration.

Reduces the negative potential of the water (ORP), creating high antioxidant water neutralizing free radicals on a cellular level.

Removes fluoride, chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals.

Remineralizes water adding iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium, lithium, iodine and other minerals and trace elements.

 Improves the taste and smell of water.



This bright aqua silicone sleeve adds more grip to the bottle and helps to avoid accidents. It’s also very easy to clean. Not sure that this is the look for you? It’s easily removable, too.


pH HYDRATE features a removable steel filter that holds pH ON-THE-GO alkaline water filter, making the change of the filter a piece of cake. And the best part? Filter capacity is 416 cups / 26 gallons / 98 litres of water, or a lifetime of 2 months (50 days)when drinking 8 cups per day.


Made by food grade quality double-wall borosilicate glass, pH HYDRATE is strong and safe to use. Double wall prevents condensation and and makes it suitable for both hot and cold drinks.


Sleek and stylish, yet super-portable bottle, featuring a bamboo lid with steel handle.