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Aluminum Alloy LED Aquarium Light Full Spectrum Fish Tank Light for 12-54 inch - DIY Adjustable Timer & Brightness (Sunrise-Daylight-Moonlight Mode) - Extendable Brackets

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  • 🐠🐠【High Quality LED】: HiTauing freshwater aquarium light used by high-quality 2835 model lamp beads ( 6000-10000K) . The light is softer and the color rendering index is closer to natural light, up to 90%, protecting eyes and fish, to refuse the discomfort caused by stroboscopic for fish and viewers, also making your fish and plants more crystal clear. Long service life, at least 50,000 hours.
  • 🦑🦑【New Upgraded】: ①High-quality aluminum alloy housing makes HiTauing fish tank lights have a longer service life and excellent heat dissipation; ②The adjustable extension bracket is more stable and durable to use, and can easily fit most sizes of water tanks(42W is suitable for 48-54 inch fish tank); ③IP68 rated waterproof, easy to clean and wipe, no worries even after a brief drop in water.
  • 🦐🦐【DIY Mode】: Time + Color + Brightness can be set. ①Setting time(🔆/🌙): 3 modes(Default & Daylight & Moonlight); ②Color(𝐎/𝐌): 7 colors(Full Spectrum/White/Red/Green/Pink/Blue/Cyan); ③Brightness(🔺/🔻): Each color of light has 7 levels of brightness. (Please read the product description below and the product manual that comes with the package for more details on the settings)
  • 🍀🍀【Friendly Setting】: ①In the event of a power failure, all settings including time will be retained, and fish tank light will continue to work according to the previous settings after re-powering, no need to set up again; ②After setting the timer, the intensity of the lights will slowly up in the first 30 minutes and down in the last 30 minutes, it's friendly to the fish and the plants in the tank.
  • 🌹🌹【Advanced Design】: With 5 rows of LED chips & full spectrum lighting, the HiTauing aquarium light is more compact and beautiful compared to other fish tank lights, and which is helpful fish and aquatic plants growth, suitable for all fresh water tanks. The controller is very simple and no complicated operations. Suitable for all fish lovers to use.

Product Description

HiTauing 7/24 LED Full Spectrum Aquarium Light for 12-54 inch Fish Tank

HiTauing 7/24 LED aquarium lights illuminate your aquarium with amazing light

Super bright: Premium 5050 and 2835 LEDS provide bright illumination for your plants, fish, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your tank.

1. Adjustable timer: lighting time can be programmed as day mode (6H/10H/12H) , night mode (3H/5H/12H)

2. Adjustable Brightness: LD-05 lighting mode can be adjusted to 6 stages brightness.(0%-10%-35%-50%-75%-100%-75%-50%-355%-10%-0%)

3. 7/24 Lighting Mode: This fish tank light creates 24-hour gradual sunrise, sunset and moonlighting for a natural rhythmic light cycle.

4. Easy to maintain: Built in smooth metal aluminum housing, just use a piece of dry towel to wipe it clean.

5. Extendable bracket: Extendable bracket makes LED light fits different size aquariums in extendable range.

6. Suitable for plants and freshwater: The full-spectrum bulbs can produce different colors depending on your option.

7. Packaging includes: 1* Led Light, 1* AC/DC Power Adaptor, 2* Metal brackets, 1* User manual.

  • Power: 14W/18W/22W/26W/36W/42W
  • LED QTY: 60 pcs / 90 pcs /120 pcs / 150 pcs / 180 pcs / 240 pcs
  • Lumen: 910 LM / 1240 LM / 1920 LM / 2330 LM / 2860 LM / 3320 LM
  • Color Temperature: 6000-10000K
  • Output: DC 20V
  • Input: AC 100-240 V
  • Power Cord: 4.9ft+2.3ft


Step1: Unpack the box and check that if the light and other accessories are included. If missing parts, please contact seller.

Step2: Expand both sides metal bracket fit to match the length of your aquarium.

Step3: Connect power supply with light, then plug in. Ensure a drip loop is created before the outlet as shown on the warning.Press ON/M button to turn on the light. Use 1 long-press of the same button to turn off the light.

IP68 Waterproof Rating

IP68 water-resistant rating. Fully sealed and waterproof, high light transmittance, waterproof, and easy to clean. No need to worry about splashes, or other accidental drops of water. Note that the power connector is not waterproof, be careful not to drop in water. Low voltage dc adapter makes our light applicable for 100-240 volts, safe to use, low energy consumption, saving electric bill.

Excellent High Efficient Heat Dissipation

Fully encased 1.8 mm thickness aluminum shell where the heat sink was fixed onto helps to transfer the heat of the LED bulbs, so as to reduce light decay and extend its service life. The light housing is hot which indicates its excellent cooling performance. This system has adjustable mounting legs which can be used in aquariums widths of 12-18 inches, 18-24 inches, 24-30 inches, 30-36 inches, 36-42 inches, and 48-54 inches.

5 Adjustable Brightness

There are 5 kinds of brightness that can be adjusted: 10%-100%, to simulate the effect of sunrise to sunset, set the brightness of the light according to your needs, which can realistically simulate natural light. Not only it can brighten the fish, but it can also be applied to the growth of aquatic plants and promote photosynthesis.

High-quality Lights Beads

5 rows of premium 5050 and 2835 LEDs provide bright illumination for your plants, fish, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fish tank.

DIY Adapter

a. Adjustable timer: lighting time can be programmed as day mode 6H, 10H, and 12H, night mode 3H, 5H, and 12H.

b. Adjustable Brightness: LD-05 lighting mode can be adjusted to 5 stages brightness. (0%- 10%-35%-50%- 75%-100%- 75%- 50%-355%-10%-0%)

c.7/24 Lighting Mode: This fish tank light creates a 24-hour gradual sunrise, sunset, and moonlighting for a natural rhythmic light cycle.

Suitable for Plants and Freshwater

You can choose the right full spectrum aquarium light according to the size of your fish tank.


1. The fish tank light has IP68 waterproof, but the adapter is not waterproof, please do not put the adapter and the wire into the water.

2. The light board may become hot after a long time of use. This is a normal phenomenon, please avoid touching the light board directly with your hands (The temperature range for the light is 23~113℉). Turn off the power and wait for 10-15 minutes before touching it.

3. The operation of the aquarium light is a bit complicated, you may encounter difficulties during use, please read the manual carefully to set it up, if you still encounter problems, we can solve the problem for you as soon as possible.