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Aquarium 35W 11.5ft High Lift 24 V DC Quiet Return Pump with Controller 1052 GPH Submersible and Inline Water Pump with Feeding Mode and Memory Function for Fish Tank Pond Fountain and Sump

$105.95 $127.95
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  • Submersible/Inline Use: It can be fully submerged in water or used externally. Be sure to pour water into the pump before external use (Inlet Nozzle Not Included).
  • High Efficiency: Dimension: 7" L x 3.1" W x 4.3" H; Output voltage: DC 24 V; Power: 35 W; Max flow rate: 1052 GPH; Max lift: 11.5 ft. Ideal for 50 - 125 gallon fish tanks, ponds, fountains or sumps.
  • Adjustable Flow Rate: Short press on β€œ+” or β€œ-” button to customize the optimal flow rate with 99 different speed settings. And the display range will change between 1 and 100.
  • Feeding Feature: Press β€œF” button to enter feeding function. It’ll stop for 10 minutes and then restart automatically. An essential function to feed your fish without scaring them away.
  • Memory Function: Press On/Pause button to turn on/off the pump. It’ll go back to the last setting and restore to the previous working status quickly when starting it.

Product Description

When Should You Have A DC Water Pump?

DC water pump is an ideal choice if you attach much importance to long-lasting performance, stability or electricity security. Designed with low voltage and direct current, it provides users with a reliable using environment indoors or outdoors.

Except its multi-function feature, DC water pump is more efficient and energy-saving. If you use the pump regularly around 4 hours a day, it can save much per year which is equal to one or two pumps.

Additionally, it has longer life-span and ensures excellent using experience due to the workmanship of more advanced motor technology, wear-resistant ceramic shaft and magnetic drive.

Uniclife DC submersible/inline return pump is dedicated to efficiently adjusting water flow through an external controller. It is quiet and self-protective. A decent pump of high performance for long-term use.

1052 GPH Controllable Pump

With an external controller, the DC 24 V return pump adjusts your desired water flow efficiently with 99 speed levels. It features wear-resistance, energy saving, quietness, self-protection and detachable impeller for easy cleaning.

This amphibious water pump is powerful and long-lasting due to its built-in three-phase six-pole motor and magnetic drive. Applicable for fish tanks, ponds, fountains or sumps. Do not run it without water or in the flammable liquid.

  • Internal & external use
  • For 50-125 gallon tanks
  • Adjustable flow speed
  • 10-min pause for feeding
  • Memory & self-protection
  • DC 24 V output voltage
  • Strong and ultra-quiet

External Controller

Flexible operation due to its memory function which keeps the same setting after every restart. Remember to wrap it with a protective cover to avoid water.

Adjustable Flow Rate

99 variable speed levels available on the controlling panel, which allows for precise adjustment of water flow by a simple press on β€œ+” or β€œ-” button.

Practical Feeding Mode

Press β€œFEED” button to stop pumping and enter the 10-min feeding mode, in which you can feed your lovely fish without spilling food everywhere.

Strong & Energy-saving

Innovative construction. Three-phase six-pole motor and wear-resistant ceramic shaft make it powerful and enduring but save 65% of energy consumption.

Quiet Operation

Use sealed impeller to greatly minimize the noise to less than 40 dB. All you hear is the mild water current. No worry about disturbance to your normal life.


Auto power off upon getting stuck or lacking water. Also protected by IC electronic detection and soft startup to make flow rate increase slowly to full speed.

Applicable tank 75 - 180 Gallon 150 - 300 Gallon 50 - 70 Gallon 50 - 125 Gallon
Dimension 4.3" x 2.5" (H x D) 5" x 2.7" (H x D) 3.3" x 2" (H x D) 7" x 3.1" x 4.3" (L x W x H)
Working Voltage DC 24 V – 1.5 A DC 24 V – 2.5 A DC 24 V – 1.5 A DC 24 V – 2.5 A
Max. Flow Rate 2100 GPH 3400 GPH 1058 GPH 1052 GPH
Type Waver Maker Waver Maker Waver Maker Water Pump
Power 25 W 40 W 12 W 35 W