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Aquarium Air Pump - Air Pump for Fish Tank, Hydroponic Air Pump, Fish Tank Air Pump Bubbler Pond Aerator, 600/1000/1200/1750GPH Commercial Air Pump

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  • HIGH PRESSURE, LARGE OUTPUT – This aquarium air pump delivers large output and high pressure of compressed air. Flow rate 1750GPH, pressure 0.032Mpa, powered by a 120Watt electromagnetic motor.
  • GREAT HEAT DISSIPATION - The housing of this air pump for aquariums is made of aluminum alloy with enlarged surface for the best heat dissipation. (Reminder – the air pump is highly recommended to be placed at a well-ventilated location. A cooling fan will help extend the life of the pump)
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT, LONG LIFE – This air compressor is with lubricant free design. The high-quality cylinder and piston are made of wear-resistant materials to ensure the low consumption of power and long life.
  • ACCESSORIES – Chrome coated metal air manifold. An 8-outlet manifold is provided for this pond aerator for easy access of oxygenation to anywhere you desire. The air output of each outlet is adjustable by simply turning the adjusting knob on the outlet.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS – This commercial air pump is ideal for oxygenation of aquarium, pond, hydroponics, fish farm, and seafood restaurant, also great for compost tea brewing and air assist for laser cutting.

Product Description

Aquarium Air Pump - AquaMiracle Air Pump for Fish Tank Hydroponic, Fish Tank Air Pump Bubbler Pond Aerator, 1750GPH 110V 8 Outlets

This pump is designed with electromagnetic technology.

  • The design features lubricant-free, wear-resisting material for the cylinder and piston, great heat dissipation with the aluminum alloy housing while outputting powerful air pressure and huge airflow.
  • All the pumps come with a short tubing and a manifold so that you can connect the pump with multiple air stones.
  • Note that to properly oxygenate your application, you will need to buy the standard air tubing for aquariums (3/16 inch) and the air stones separately.


Easy to move

Aluminum housing

Enlarged metal surface for great heat dissipation

Brass outlet

Durable and Corrosion-resistant

Filter for air inlet

Filter air entering the pump

When the air flow gets lower significantly, check if the filter foam is dirty.

The filter foam can be cleaned with tap water. Make sure the foam is dry before installing it back to the pump.

Chrome coated metal air manifold

8 outlets, durable with adjustable air flow

Kind Reminder:

1. Users should obtain the airline tubing (3/16") and air stones separately.

2. A check valve is highly recommended to use when the pump is placed below water level to avoid water flowing back to the pump when there is a power cut.

Rubber feet

Skid-proof & shock absorption

Keep Well Ventilated

Although the pump is with an enlarged aluminum housing for heat dissipation, to best use the pump, it is highly recommended the pump be placed in a dry and well-ventilated place. This will significantly extend the lifespan of the pump.

Kind Reminder on the Noise Level

As a manufacturer, we understand that the noise level is very important to the users.

The structure design and materials have been optimized to achieve the best performance VS noise level. However, as the pump is so powerful in both flow rate and pressure, there is still a certain level of noise.

Here are some reminders for users to consider:

- The pump is not recommended to use in the bedroom.

- In most cases, users find it acceptable to use indoor. However, if your ears are sensitive to sound, we don't recommend to do so.

Extensive Use

Fish Tank


Seafood restaurant


Power 1W 2W 25 - 105W 4.8 - 12W 50W 35 - 65W
Output 50GPH 48GPH 635 - 2550GPH 135 - 265GPH 1160GPH 600 - 850GPH
Power Source AC Battery Powered AC AC AC AC