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Aquarium CO2 Regulator 12V DC Solenoid With Big Dual Gauges,Bubble Counter With Check Valve,Carbon Dioxide Regulator Fits CGA320 CO2 Cylinder.

$104.95 $125.95
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  • 💭💭【DUAL PRESSURE GAUGES】This aquarium CO2 regulator features 2 pressure gauges, clearly read the regulator Cylinder Pressure and Outlet Pressure.
  • 💭💭【HIGH-ACCURATE ADJUSTMENT】There is a high-accurate trimmer valve equipped on the CO2 regulator, an Aquarium-specific needle valve, High precision fine-tuning, able to adjust the output flow rate of CO2 to one bubble per 3 seconds.
  • 💭💭【NON-RETURN BUBBLE COUNTER】The bubble counter comes with a check-valve function, which could prevent water from reversing back to the bottle. This aquarium CO2 regulator is ideal for maintaining the CO2 level in aquariums or draft beer preservation machines.
  • 💭💭【SAFE & DURABLE】This CO2 regulator comes with a 12V power adapter ensuring safe and stable working performance with no noise, adopts aluminum alloy construction, which is durable for long-time use.
  • 💭💭【PROFESSIONAL DESIGNS】A solenoid valve is included, which could deliver gas once connecting a power source. This 12V DC Solenoid CO2 regulator is designed with a non-leaking function, ensuring secure use. Fits CGA320 CO2 Cylinder.

Product Description


As the best growth of aquatic plants is concerned, a certain amount of carbon dioxide is required in the water inside the aquarium. With the extra help of carbon dioxide, the aquatic plants could grow faster and be more vivid. Therefore, an aquarium CO2 regulator is a must-have tool to build up a beautiful and ornamental aquarium.


For people who love brewing, precise control of carbon dioxide is the key to produce quality beer. Sometimes in the fermentation process, yeast in brewing would stay in an environment with high-concentrated carbon dioxide, which would affect the fermentation of yeast. Hence, With this CO2 regulator with a bubble counter, they could maintain ideal CO2 levels in brewing.



1. You should open the regulating valve before connecting the power source.

2. Before use, you should fill half amount with water into the non-return bubble counter so that you could recognize the outlet speed of bubbles.

Premium CO2 regulator with dual pressure gauges

Check the pressure values inside the cylinder and of the outlet simultaneously.

● Cylinder Pressure Gauge: 0~25 Mpa/0~3500 psi

● Outlet Pressure Gauge: 0~1 Mpa/0~150 psi

High-accurate trimmer valve, designed for aquariums

There is a high-accurate trimmer valve equipped on the regulator, which is designed for aquariums, able to adjust the output flow rate of CO2 to one bubble per 3 seconds.

Suitable for standard North American fittings, CGA 320

● Inlet Connection: CGA 320 (Standard North American Fitting)

● Power Adapter: 12V

Comes with a 12V power adapter for safe and stable working performance

● Net Weight: 480 Grams

● Gross Weight: 600 Grams

Premium CO2 regulator with dual pressure gauges.

Aluminum alloy construction, durable for long-time use.

Package Content:

1x CO2 Regulator

1x Spanner

1x User Manual