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Aquarium Light - Sunrise Sunset Moon 95 Watt Group Control Updated Program Coral Reef Light Dimmable Full Spectrum for Marine Fish Tanks Fish Tank Light with Timer & Display Function

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  • PROFESSIONAL SALTWATER AQUARIUM SPECTRUM - With timer & dimmer, G5 smart reef light perfectly simulate sunrise sunset moonlight, 0%-100% dimming for customized lighting suitable for coral reef. 24pcs high quality 5W SMD LEDs, higher efficiency and brighter. Optical lens with high transmission rate and daylight-resistant make G5 as perfect reef lights for corals
  • REMOTE & TOUCH CONTROL & JOINT CONTROL - G5 95W saltwater aquarium lighting support remote and touch control special design for marine saltwater tanks. Built-in Sunrise Sunset Moonlight program and DIY modes make G5 reef lighting could imitate nature lighting of sea perfectly. Master slave Group control make sure master G5 could synchronize the data of all lights, easier operation
  • BETTER HEAT DISSIPATION & NO NOISE - Smart two-rollers silent temperature control fans ensuring optimal LEDs' working conditions. Noise standards is lower than 44.7 db(A), fast heat transfer and create you a comfortable environment. G5 is very good coral lights for saltwater tanks
  • FLEXIBLE FULL ALUMINUM STANDS - Special Anti-rust design flexible full aluminum with oxidation bracket suitable for different size of coral tanks. Oblate base efficiently increase stressed area and protect coral reef tank well. Ideal coverage of G5 coral light is 20-28 inch. Tank glass thickness: 0.2-1.0 inch
  • NOTICE & WARRANTY - NOTICE: A remote included in G5 reef tank light, install battery before use! Rimmed tank plastic should less than 1", please cut it little if larger 1". Smatfarm G5 aquarium light provide ONE-YEAR WARRANTY and NO REASON return within 30 days. Full-time customer service, Emails and messages will be replied within 24 hours! Please contact us first if any problem with G5 coral lighting!

Product Description

SMATFARM G5 AquaStar Aquarium Reef Light

Programmable 95 watts and Strong Penetration Coral Spectrum for Saltwater Tank

Welcome to SMATFARM Saltwater Aquarium Lights

G5 LED Aquarium Light is a perfect reef light for veteran fans of saltwater aquarium tanks. We focus on aquarium light for about 10 years. We designed and checked many led reef lights on our own aquarium tanks before put into market. Research and design, choose the best one for our customers is the sole thing we do. Do the right thing and attract friends with similar interest!

High Power 95watts G5 aquarium led light has strong water penetration with program coral spectrum for saltwater tank SPS LPS. It is a very good led fish tank lights.


  • One light is ideal for 32x24” coverage
  • Max Coverage at 12" height: 36x32”.
  • Core Coverage at 12" height: 24x24”
  • Avg. Power Draw: 95W±5%
  • 24pcs High Intensity 5W 3535 LEDs.
  • 6 Independent Channels with 0-100% dimming
  • Lens Angle: 107° with more coverage
  • IP65 waterproof prevent salt spray corrosion
  • Input: AC100-240V DC output: 24VDC
  • Working Temperature:-10~50ºC


  • Size: 8.7(L)*4.8(W)*1.6(Thick) inches
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Package size: 15.3*10*3 inches

Package includes:

  • 1pcs x G5 AquaStar body
  • 1pcs x External Adapter
  • 1set x Full Aluminum bracket
  • 1pcs x 6ft US Power Cord
  • 1set x Screws for bracket
  • 1pcs x User Manual

G5 LED Aquarium Lights Key Feature

6 Channels with 0-100% Dimming

G5 has 6 channels(independent 0-100% dimming) for SPS LPS coral, Programmable coral modes can be set for growth stages.

  • CH1: 14000K Cool White
  • CH2: Royal Blue(450nm), Blue(470nm)
  • CH3: Violet Blue(430nm), (470nm)
  • CH4: Violet (420nm), Violet(410nm)
  • CH5: 3000K warm white
  • CH6: 500nm green

Customized 107 Degree Lens

Customized Optic lens ensure G5 led coral light:

  • More concentrated
  • Reducing light loss
  • Improve high PAR/Lumen output
  • IP65 waterproof to prevent corrosion internal components, long life span
  • Coverage up to 36". Super saltwater penetration to required illumination of coral at the bottom

High Resolution OLED Screen

OLED display screen

  • Show G5 working status
  • Menu operation
  • Screen can turn off if no operation within 3min to save energy and long lifespan
  • Auto off display to get comfortable circumstance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple operation

Wireless Master Slave Joint Control for Big Tank

Wireless Master slave joint control

G5 support 2.4G wireless communication with each other.

  • Set one G5 as master, others as slaves.
  • All G5 will be synchronized with the master G5.
  • Only Set master G5 is enough, no need to set others. Simple operation for big reef tanks.
  • Or set different G5 into different groups for different coral demands. one group keep same no.
  • Wireless Master / Slave joint control to prevent clock error and lamps non synchronization

G5 fish tank lights are very suitable aquarium lights for fish tank and especially for big saltwater tanks. One G5 can support 30 ~ 50 gallon aquarium light, or 50 ~ 100 gallon fish tank light. Its reef aquarium and reef led spectrum and aquarium light with timer features make it easy set up and use.

High PAR Value for SPS and LPS

G5 Aquarium Lighting High PAR for SPS LPS

SMATFARM G5 aquarium led lights can provide high PAR for SPS, LPS or mixed corals.

Big and even coverage for all saltwater creatures and reef environments.

G5 reef light can provide perfect saltwater spectrum for coral growth and fish etc.

It is effective and trusted saltwater lights for coral reef, especial for aquarium saltwater tank. It is excellent saltwater tank light for aquarium. It is saltwater light and coral light with cute appearance.

Advantage of G5 Reef Lights:

External DC Output Adapter

External DC adapter, 24V DC safety voltage to G5 Body. Adapter can shut off output if G5 Body fall into the tank. No worry about electric shock Keep your tank safe and keep danger from people. Other AC input lamps are very danger for saltwater tank. If light with AC driver fall into water, it would kill everything in the tank. A faulty product will ruin all and kill all of the living things in the tank.

Temperature Control to Prevent Overheat

Intelligent temperature control to prevent overheat of G5 lamps, keep G5 cool even in full 95 watt. Lamps overheating can cause the lens to scorch and the led lifespan to be reduced.

Intelligent fan speed control to keep silent environment when low wattage in night. No noise in the night

IP65 Waterproof Prevent Corroding

IP65 waterproof to prevent salt fog from corroding internal devices and make led failure. Many failures are caused by bad waterproof.Alumina radiator and All alumina support rack can anti salt spray corrosion, keep lamp clean and beautiful. Simple installation, plug and play.

High Precision Dimming 1% Step

High precision dimming circuit design make G5 can reach 1% precision dimming.

Other lamps dimming error of knob is up to 15% or even more. G5 adopt 5W 3535 high power led with super bright and long-lifespan.More reliable and durable.

G5 Configuration for Different Saltwater Tanks


1. Are G5 safe for marine tank?

G5 use external DC output power supply adapter. The power supply itself is very safe. It output 24V DC safety voltage input to G5 Body.This 24V voltage is safe enough for marine creatures and human. The adapter can shut off output if G5 Body fall into the tank. No worry about electric shock and keep your tank safe and protect people. Other AC input lamps are very danger for saltwater tank. If light with AC driver fall into water, it would kill everything in the tank,endangering human safety. People put so much time, money and love into their tanks.A faulty product will ruin all and kill all of the living things in the tank,it would be a disaster.

2. Is it effective for coral growth?

G5 is specially designed for coral tank with sufficient power of 95w and supports 6-channel separate dimming. Especially increase the power of blue light and UV light, so as to be more suitable for coral growth.Including various mushroom, Euphyllia divisa, Caulastraea, leather corals, anemones and other soft and hard corals happy and growing

3. How about penetration?

G5 use customized 107 degree lens, lamp coverage up to 36 ". Super saltwater penetration to ensure the required illumination of coral at the bottom of the tank

4. Is it very hot when full wattage?

G5 is all aluminum design, intelligent fan control, even if full power is used, the lamp temperature is not so high. No need worry about overheat extremely hot, causing the lens to scorch and the lamp led to burn to death

5. Whether the lamps work synchronously in big tank?

G5 support wireless communication and real-time synchronization of data to maintain the complete consistency of lamps without difference. One master G5 can synchronize all slave lamps.and Master/slave mode greatly simplify the operation in big tank


  • Updated version from March 1 come with remote controller (Battery inside,need remove insulation strip before use)
  • If you have any problem about how to set G5 or find out some screws/parts missed, please tell us, we will send to you!
  • Please note that channel 2 and channel 3 both blue color,if you want the lighting looks more blue, please adjust brightness of those two channels higher!