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Aquarium Lights, LED Aquariums Lights with Full Spectrum Adjustable 7 Colors,Programmable,Waterproof,Timer&DIY Mode for Freshwater Fish Tank or Plants Tank,Extendable Brackets (24-30 inch)

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  • 【Brand-new Aquarium Way Viewing】: Full spectrum aquarium light which truly simulates natural light, Makes your fish tanks or plants tank instantly outstanding and bright. Equipped with stable and adjusted WRGB light to avoid discomfort during the observation, protect your eyes, and fish. Bring the light for your fish tank and plants with an AMZBD LED aquarium lights.
  • 【Sunrise & Sunset + DIY Aquarium Light】: ①Sunrise & sunset, simulating the time of sunrise and sunset, Color rendering index reaches 89%,creating the most natural ecosystem for your aquatic plants of the fish tank. ②Moon mode. ③DIY,10 kinds of brightness and 8 stages adjustment , which set any times by you wants. ④ 7colors changes. Color temperature adjustment, which can fine-tune the color temperature of RGB light.
  • 【24/7 LCD Display Controller+ IP68 Waterproof Aquarium Light】; AMZBD aquarium lights adopt a built-in controller to set the time, color, brightness, and color temperature. 7/24 LCD digital display controller, easily to setting and checking color and brightness of the aquarium fish light. The lamp beads are treated with IP68 waterproof glue, there is nothing have to worry when the fish tank lights dropped into the water for a short time.
  • 【Length adjustable Aquarium Light】: ①The adjustable length bracket is easy to install, suitable for all kinds of fish tank or plant tanks. ②The detachable adapter does not need to replace the whole fish light even if it is damaged which avoids waste. ③Thick aluminum material (thickness 1.8mm) improves heat dissipation efficiency and protects your beloved fish and water plants.④Suitable for frameless and frame-type aquariums, design for 48-54 inches freshwater fish tanks.
  • 【After-Sales Service】You will receive: 1x aquarium light, 1x aquarium light adapter, 2x fixed adjustment bracket, 1x user manual. Please check the items you received, if you have any product or after-sales problems, please feel free to let us know. The AMZBD customer service team is on standby at any time.

Product Description

  • AMZBD high-quality led aquarium light make the water sparkly clear and the color of the water plants is lifelike.
  • Promote the photosynthesis of the water plants and promote the growth and development of the water plants.
  • Good effect on green aquatic plants, ideal for freshwater or saltwater fish-only and low-high light level aquarium plants.

Default Mode

1.Daylight: Full spectrum white light; Moonlight: Can choose one color from 6 colors

2.You can set the start and end time of daylight and moonlight.

3.The brightness of the light changes is auto simulated sunrise to sunset + night effect.

4.Auto turn on at the Daylight beginning and auto turn off at the Moonlight end.

DIY Mode

1.8 Time Stages: L1 - L6 is Full spectrum white light, L7 - L8 is blue light.

2.10 Kinds Brightness: 10% - 100%, set the brightness into 00 will turn off completely after 15 minutes.

3.In each time stage can only set a brightness, and the start and end time of this time stage are set by yourself.

4.The beginning and end of each time stage will be completed in 15 minutes, which will give the fish a buffer stage.

Gradient Mode

1.Adjust the color of the light to dark red (after the yellow light), color gradient cycle begins.

2.Wait for about 20 seconds begin to appear the color cycle - red, purple,blue, cyan, green,yellow.

3.To turn off the DAY-L and MOON-L, it can continue to cycle, the next day's light color is also a cycle mode.

Adjustable Mounting Legs

Adjustable metal brackets to fit aquarium tank from 24 - 30 inch.

You can easily to install this fish tank light on most aquarium tanks(cover or not, rims or rimless)

Waterproof grade IP68

Even the water seeps into the aquarium light & Inside light beads full with water. Still work normal.

Potting glue: Waterproof grade IP68, fully sealed, completely dustproof and waterproof. Protect the LED lights to last longer.

Acrylic lampshade: Strong corrosion resistance, 92% light transmittance, the light effect is pure and transparent, waterproof and easy to clean.

High efficient heat dissipation

The 1.8mm thick aluminum shell is 5mm thicker than other aquarium lamp shells, and the heat dissipation effect is better.

The dense grooves increase the contact area with the external environment and make the heat dissipation effect better.

Transfer the heat of the LED bulbs to reduce light decay and extend its service life.

Soft lighting is close to more than 90% of sunlight, which can realistically simulate natural light. Not only can it brighten the fish, it can also be applied to the growth of aquatic plants and promote photosynthesis.

The irradiated light is softer and does not hurt the eyes, the light is more stable. If you use a mobile phone to take pictures,the screen is not flashing, the eyes and the fish are protected.

Here are some tips to decrease the growth of water plant:

1. Keep water changes at about 15 – 20% every other week.

2. Remove nitrates, as this is the primary food source for water plant.

3. Keep lights on 8-10 hours per day for planted aquariums.

4. Locate your new aquarium away from direct sunlight to discourage water plant growth in the water.

5. Green water plant typically occurs when there is too much light in an aquarium, keeping the aquarium away from an unshaded window.

6. Never use sunlight as your light source in an indoor tank. The sun can heat your aquarium and provide strong light, which boosts water plant growth.

Fits Aquariums 12 - 18 inch (5gal,10gal,15gal...) 18 - 24 inch (10 gal,15gal,20gal...) 24 - 30 inch (15gal,20gal,29gal,30gal,40gal...) 30 - 36 inch (29gal,30gal,40gal,65gal...) 36 - 42 inch (30gal,40gal,55gal,65gal...) 48 - 54 inch (40gal,55gal,75gal,90gal,100gal,120gal...)
Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
LEDs 53PCS(28 White + 6 Blue + 4 Red + 4 Green + 11 RGB) 93PCS (50 White + 12 Blue + 6 Red + 6 Green + 19 RGB) 133PCS (72 White + 18 Blue + 8 Red + 8 Green + 27RGB) 173PCS (94 White + 24 Blue + 10 Red + 10 Green + 35 RGB) 213PCS (116 White + 28 Blue + 13 Red + 13 Green + 43 RGB) 293PCS (157 White + 39 Blue + 20 Red + 18 Green + 59 RGB)
Lumens 930 1300 2060 2450 2980 3520
Watts 20W 26 W 36W 48W 60 W 72 W
Input Voltage AC100-240V AC100-240V AC100-240V AC100-240V AC100-240V AC100-240V
Output Voltage DC 15V 1.5A DC 15V 1.5A DC 20V 2A DC 20V 2A DC 20V 3A DC 20V 3A
Kelvin 6500-10000K 6500-10000K 6500-10000K 6500-10000K 6500-10000K 6500-10000K
Efficacy 85 85 85 85 85 85