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Aquarium Polishing Filter Pad, Aquarium Filter Pad, Aquarium Filter Floss for Fish Tank Filters, Water Polishing Pad for Aquarium Filters, 24 by 36 inches Thick (100 Micron, 1 Pack)

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  • SPARKLING CLEAR WATER: Our 100 micron filter pad has a dense fiber network to effectively trap fine to extra fine particles floating in your aquarium water to produce sparkling clear water.
  • CLEARS TANK WATER FAST: Fine particles pass through most aquarium filter media. Our aquarium polishing filter pad quickly improves water clarity by trapping fine particles that pass through prefilter media. You will see visibly clearer water and your tank will be cleaner.
  • EASILY CUT TO FIT: This bulk felt filter pad can easily be cut to fit your filter. For best results place a prefilter media pad before the aquarium polishing filter pad. Our aquarium filter floss pad is ideal for freshwater aquariums, planted tanks, turtle tanks, reef tanks or saltwater aquariums.
  • UNIVERSAL AQUARIUM FILTER MEDIA: This polishing pad is constructed with woven polyester fibers making it strong and durable enough to even be cleaned in a washing machine. The pad’s consistent, reliable design gives superior filtration. Perfect pad for wet/dry filters, sumps, canister filters, HOB filters and much more.
  • TIPS: The larger the micron number the bigger the pore size. It is best to start with a larger micron rated pad then, as water clarity increases, use a lower number micron rated pad. This ensures your polishing pad will last longer before cleaning or replacing. These filter polishing pads are the perfect aquarium water clarifier.

Product Description

This aquarium water polishing filter pad is constructed of durable woven polyester fibers for exceptional strength.

At only 1/8 inch thick our water polishing filter pad is powerful. These filter polishing pads clear water fast by truly trapping extra fine particles that pass through mechanical filter pads. Tip: For sparkling clear water place our Water Polishing filter pad after our FilterFirst filter pad.


    Universal polishing power for any filter!

    Since filter pads need to be replaced on a regular basis, a cardboard template can be made of the poly filter or sponge filter pad you are replacing. Our premium true dual density filter roll is the top choice for cut to size filter pads for aquarium.


    Easy-cut bulk rolls save you money!

    Use a sharp pair of scissors to easily cut the aquarium water polisher pad to your desired shape and size, Polishing Pads are ideal for canister filters, HOB filters, wet dry, sump filters for aquariums.


    Traps Extremely Fine Particles!

    Place polishing aquarium filter pad AFTER your aquarium mechanical filter pad. This allows the Polishing Pad to trap the extremely fine particles after your pre-filter media traps larger debris. Changing aquarium filter pads regularly will increase water quality.

This filter media aquarium filter pad works perfectly in a reef tank, tropical aquariums, African cichlid tanks, live planted tanks, amphibian tanks, shrimp tanks and even goldfish tanks.

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