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Automatic Fish Feeder Timer High Capacity Pond Fish Feeder Siutable for Outdoor

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  • Intelligent power supply, covering a wide range
  • Timely feeding and intake control, 1-4 times a day
  • With a range of 120 °, the oblique movement is distributed evenly in each corner of the fish pond without injuring the fish
  • Automatic capacity of the fish dispenser: 10 litre. Weight: 2.5 kg
  • The amount of food is adjustable from 50 to 1400 g per day (see the feeding guide)

Product Description

  • Automatic feeder with unique brush dispenser.
  • Scientific Fish Farming
  • The feeder is battery operated and therefore very safe to use and can be installed anywhere.Place the feeder on the edge of the pond or quarantine tank and the food over the pond.

About LONDAFISH Pond Feeder


1.Automatic feeding.1 to 4 times per day

2.Food amount is ajustable from 50 to 1400 gram per day(see the feeding guideline)

3.Do not use rechargeable batteries,these do not have the correct current!

4.Lasts about 3 months on 1 set of batteries

5.Designed for pellet food only,not suitable for siticks or flake food

6.Food container has a capacity of up to 10 litre

7.A user manual is enclosed

Details about the product

1.Programming Local Time: a.Press 'SET' button,hours blink,then press'+' button to set the hours. b.Press 'SET' button,minutes blink,then press'+'button to set the minutes.

2.Programming Feedding Time: a.Press 'FEED' button,LCD displayed 1--:--.It means to enter the Program Feeding Time 1 b.Press 'SET' button,hours blink,then press'+' button to set the hours. c.Press 'SET' button,minutes blink,then press'+' button to set the minutes.

3.If you want to cancel the program,then press'+' button,1--:--.appears on the LCD.

4.To Program Feedding Time 2 to 4,the procedure is the same as Program Feedding Time 1. please press 'FEED' button sequentially to check the Feeding Time and Dispensing Times.(The LCD will show the Feeding Time and Dispensing Times you that you set respectively.)


Built-in baffle can be replaced according to the size of feed.

S baffle: The feed is 2-4mm in diameter and can be fed for15~20g per second.

M baffle: The feed is 4-6mm in diameter and can be fed for15~20g per second.

Without baffle: The feed is 6-9mm in diameter and can be fed for30~38g per second.

Open the container cover and clean the drum before filling a amount of feed. Then placethe cover back. The pond feeder is suitable for pellet feed(d≤9mm).

Battery Compartment

Battery Compartment

Four batteries must be loaded before use.

Choose Alkaline No. 2 Battery (rype c)

Be careful not to use rechargeable batteries or expired batteries

(Generally, there is a limited date mark on the bottom of thebattery's negative pole)

The battery compartment is on the bottom,open it then put in 4 x C alkaline batteries.(For long-term use,4 C size alkaline batteries are the best.Use carbon battery forshort term use.Please do not use rechargeable battery.)

Rat-proof design

The feeder can be placed directly near the fish pond,and it can also be fixed to theplank by using plastic board.

Place the pond feeder above the water which following picture shows can reducethe rats problem.

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