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CO2 Generator System Carbon Dioxide 2L with Dual Gauge Display Pressure Gauge Automatic Pressure Relief Valve Bubble Counter for Plants Aquarium, Stable Output

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  • PROFESSIONAL FACTORY - We are a manufacturer specializing in CO2 generator system. Our CO2 generator system is made of 304 stainless steel, far better than simple plastic bottle generator, more durable, stable, safe and high pressure resistant
  • SAFE PROTECT - Automatic pressure relief valve, when the pressure of the inside steel bottle exceeds 30KG will automatically release pressure. 12V Waterproof solenoid valveļ¼ŒKeep away from the danger of water leakage from the solenoid valve, protect your safety
  • REFINE THE BUBBLES - OUR CO2 generator system equipped with the atomizer, refine the bubbles and make it easy to dissolve in water and be absorbed by plants, Keep your aquarium full of vitality. When using this product for the first time, there will be large bubbles in the refiner, which will gradually disappear within 3 days
  • LOW COST - Generates CO2 on your own: you only need citric acid, baking soda, and water which are available in supermarkets. When the gas in the bottle runs out, you only need to purchase the material again
  • COMPLETE ACCESSORIES - steel bottle, Stainless steel pressure reducing valve, Filter, Bubble counter, Solenoid valve, Solenoid valve power supply, Solenoid valve connecting line, Spare sealing ring, Spare atomize piece, 4 snap suckers, Check valve, wrench, Stainless steel U-shaped tube, Stainless steel atomizer, base, air tube (1.5 m), Funnel, Installation instructions in English

Product Description

ZRDR is a professional manufacturer of aquarium products. Our aquarium co2 system will undergo rigorous testing before they leave the factory, and we are committed to bringing you a better experience and service!

Why choose our aquarium co2 generator system?

  • ZRDR aquarium co2 kit is made of 304 stainless steel, far better than a simple plastic aquarium co2 generator, more durable, stable, safe, and high pressure resistant.
  • Our CO2 generator system equipped with Stainless steel pressure reducing valve and pressure gauge, no need to buy separately.
  • Our aquarium co2 generator kit is different from traditional: traditional carbon dioxide generators need to inject gas into the bottle. Our CO2 generator system can generate CO2 by itself. You only need to add the appropriate amount of citric acid, baking soda, and water to generate CO2. When the gas in the bottle is used up, add the material to the steel bottle again.

Main Material

  • Stainless Steel


  • 2L: Height: 53cm (20.9inch); Diameter:10cm (3.9 inch); Thickness: 0.12cm (0.05 inch).

Raw Material Ratio

  • Citric acid 200g + baking soda 200 + water 300g

Stainless steel pressure reducing valve with automatic pressure relief valve

  • Made of stainless steel: no rust,effectively prolonging the use time
  • Built-in automatic pressure relief valve: the appearance is more beautiful, protect your safety
  • Fine-tuning valve: fine adjustment of air volume
  • Bubble counter: clearly see the air output
  • Three levels of filtration
  1. One level of carbon fiber filtration.
  2. The second level washed cotton filtration
  3. Three-stage high-density carbon fiber filtration

Sturdy Aquarium CO2 Cylinder Base

  • The use of hard plastic material and thicker bottom make the Aquarium CO2 cylinder more stable and not easy to slip.
  • Very suitable size to effectively prevent water mist from falling on the floor and protect your floor

According to 8 hours a day, the usage time of one ingredient

Note for reference only

  • Small and evenly diffused semi-free bubbles easily dissolve in water and are absorbed and used by water plantsA
  • djusting the airflow too much can cause the bubbles to increase and escape quickly, defeating the purpose.T
  • ip: Excessive air output may lead to the death of fish and shrimps due to lack of oxygen and should grasp the volume of air output and progress gradually

ZRDR Aquarium CO2 Generator

  • High-quality Materials
  • Rich accessories
  • DIY Reduces Costs
  • Simple Operation and Durable
  • Attentive service

1.Excessive or double addition of raw materials and water is prohibited.

2.It is forbidden to invert the bottle body, and strong acid and alkali are prohibited.

3.When using this product for the first time, there will be large bubbles in the refiner, which will gradually disappear within 3 days.

4. As there are many parts in the package, please check whether the parts are missing after receiving the product. If there is a question about our co2 generator system, please let us know, we will propose a satisfactory solution for you!

Itā€™s more professional and efficient because all the accessories you need are included.

1. Bubblecounter*1

2. Solenoidvalve*1

3. 3-stagefilter*1

4. 2Lcylinderbody*1

5. Cylinderbase*1

6. Specialtrachea*1

7. Funnel*1

8. Poweradapter*1

9. Suctioncup*4

10. Stainlesssteelatomizer*1

11. StainlesssteelU-shapedtube*1

12. Spareatomizingtablet*2

13. Checkvalve*a1

14. Sparesealingring1set*1