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Creproly Plant Saucer Plant Tray Flower Pot Saucers 6inch/8inch/10inch (10 Pack)(Grey)

$43.00 $65.00
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  • 【Thick & Durable Material】Our plant saucers are made of PP resin, which is thicker and stronger; it has the characteristics of drop resistance, abrasion resistance, and strong water storage capacity; it is strong and not easy to break, and can accommodate heavier indoor and outdoor flower pots.
  • 【Breathable & Water Storage Function】These plant saucer tray heighten the bottom, and the grooves at the bottom of the round plant saucer keep the water away from the pots and collect excess drainage and spilled soil. Let air flow into the flowerpot to prevent the roots of the plant from rot and keep the plant healthy.
  • 【Strong Bearing Capacity】Our plant saucer set uses a heightened rotating foot, which is strong and durable; the flower pot can be easily moved; plant saucer white and grey, the appearance design is simple and beautiful, and it is perfectly matched with your various flower pots.
  • 【Excellent Protection】Thanks to the 1.2-inch height and water storage design; The plant saucers can collect excessive drainage and soil overflow from indoor and outdoor plant pots or flower pots. You don't need to worry about the floor carpet being soiled.
  • 【Product Size】Includes 3 different Size total 10pcs of drainage Saucer(6inch/8inch/10inch plant saucer); These sizes are most commonly used for indoor and outdoor pots.