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Crystal Geodesic Dome I Outdoor Bubble Tent I Bubble Shelter I Multiple Person Clear Screen House

by Meubon
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Original price $23,700.00
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Original price $23,700.00
Current price $15,800.00
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Current price $15,800.00

 Product Description


Materials: Aluminum Alloy, PC plate, aviation aluminum, Bayer, Bayer PC panel

Crystal Geodesic Dome is specifically designed for doing homely activities in your garden, yoga, meditation, dining, drinking, listening to music, name it. Enable you to immerse into the green plants and fresh air of your backyard while avoiding coldness, winds, bugs or rains.


200cm Round: Height 250 cm Dimension 34 Square feet (3.14㎡)

350cm Round: Height 270 cm Dimension 103 Square feet (9.6㎡)

400cm Round: Height 280 cm Dimension 135 Square feet (13㎡)

450cm Round: Height 320 cm Dimension 172 Square feet (16㎡)

530cm Round: Height 350 cm Dimension 236 Square feet (22㎡)

350 x 650cm Oval: Height 270 cm Dimension 245 Square feet (23㎡)

400 x 710cm Oval: Height 300 cm Dimension 301 Square feet (28㎡)

Combination 350cm Round + 200cm Round

Combination 400cm Round + 200cm Round

Combination 450cm Round + 200cm Round

Combination 530cm Round + 200cm Round

Combination 350cm Round + 350cm Round + 200cm Round

Combination 530cm Round + 350cm Round + 200cm Round

Combination 530cm Round + 450cm Round + 200cm Round

Package Includes:
Transparent Bayer panel from Germany.
Water proof smart lock.
Aluminium door + aluminium window with mesh
Aluminium base
Electric curtain
Ventilation system
LED ambient lighting

5 years limited warranty.
Life Span: More than 20 years

Delivery: Scheduled Delivery. Takes 4 weeks to ship after order is placed. Delivery takes 4 weeks after it ships