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DC 12V Pond Air Pump Oxygen Aerator with Car Cable for Outdoor Fishing, Aquarium, Fish Tank, Fountain, Seafood Restaurant

$162.95 $195.95
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  • [POWERFUL EXHAUST VOLUME] 6 Outlet Ports. Supply 100L/27gal of steady air flow per minute with low power consumption. The rolling centrifugal shaft drives compress the air to produce a powerful exhaust volume, uniform air discharge.
  • [DURABLE AND PRACTICAL] Adopt impact resistant diaphragm and copper wire motor, the blower can achieve smooth operation without oil lubricating.
  • [12V SAFE OUTDOOR USING] Air aeration pump with car cable and battery clip, which can be connected to the battery easily. It is suitable for replenishing oxygen in water for small boats, live fish carriers, light carriers, outdoor fishing, aquatic transportation, etc.
  • [EASY TO CARRY] With portable handle and aluminium alloy shell, compact size and light weight, easy for carrying and move, especially suitable for outdoor using.
  • [COMPLETE ACCESSORIES] Equipped with everything needed for operation, air distributor*1, air duct*1, air hose*1, air stone*6, check valve*1, battery clip*1, car cable*1.

Product Description

  1. Sturdy and Portable

    Aluminium alloy shell for sturdiness and durability, portable handle is convenient for outdoor use

  2. Impact-resistant Diaphragm

    Membrane is made of macromolecule compounded rubber to make smooth air output

  3. Wear-resistant Piston

    Centrifugal shaft with piston design, more effective in removing large amounts of oxygen

  4. Copper Air Nozzle

    Large diameter air outlet, uniform air discharge, not easy to block

1 Portable Handle 2 Shock Resistance 3 No Oil Lubrication 4 Copper Air Nozzle
DC Permanent Magnet & Copper Wire Motor

Smooth And Safety Operation

  • Low power consumption, high efficiency, smooth operation, energy saving and safety.
  • The motor rotates and drives the rolling centrifugal shaft at the same time, which makes the piston move up and down in the cylinder and compresses the air to make the machine produce a strong exhaust volume.
  • The shaft runs without friction in the body, no need to add lubricant, compressed air is more pure.