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DIY Unit for solar energy system without battery cell (suitable EVE280Ah/CATL280/302/310Ah)BOX stack type I MASON 280 48V

$2,200.00 $2,800.00
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Product name
 48V DIY Unit for solar energy system without battery cell (suitable EVE280Ah/CATL280/302/310Ah)BOX stack type
Basic Parameters
Nominal Voltage(V)
Nominal Capacity(Ah)
280Ah @0.5C discharge current 25±2℃
Nominal Power(wh)
Weight (kg)
DIY BOX=28.5KG,DIY BOX with cells=112±5kg
Discharg Cut-off Voltage(V)
Charge Voltage(V)
Continuously Charge/Discharge Current(A)
Max Standard charge/discharge Current
Standard charge/discharge Current
Working Temperature
SOC Range
Recommended SOC Range
Communication Interface
CAN(Default) or RS485
IP level
IP 20
Our BMS is compatible with Growatt, Goodwe, Sofar, SMA, Victron, DEYE, Luxpower, Sermatec, Renac, TBB Power, Solis, Foxess, and
IMEON inverters. Support max. 16 connected in parallel
Packing List
1 * Battery Case (Bottom case, Front Panel, Top Bracket, Front Bracket, Top cover)

1 * 48V 200A 16S SEPLOS BMS(48V 150A 16S SEPLOS BMS)1 * 58V 400A Fuse

4 * Handle
2 * PCB Board for BMS and Cell Connection

3 * Upper and Lower Latch lock
1 * LCD Screen
1 * LCD Screen Sticker
4 * Button Cap
3 * Wires (LCD Screen wire, PCB board A and PCB board Connector)
2 * Battery Terminals (P+ Terminal and P- Terminal)

Other components includes:
6 * Copper bus bars (BMS connection)
15 * Aluminum bus bars (Cell connection)
10 * Epoxy sheet (Between cell and the case)
26 * EVA Tape (Between cells)
1 * PC sheet (Top cover)

Screws Details:
12 * Phillip Hex M4 * 8mm (PCB board fix)
9 * Phillip Hex M5 * 8mm + Washer + Spring Set(Ground cable and top bracket fix)
7 * Phillip Hex M6 * 25mm + Washer + Spring Set(Front Panel fix)
10 * Phillip Round M3 * 8mm + Washer + Spring Set(BMS and LCD Screen fix)
12 * Phillip Pan M5 * 10mm (Latch fix)
16 * Hexagan Socket Pan M4 * 10mm (P+/P- Terminals fix)
42 * Hexagan Socket Countersunk M4 * 10mm (Handle and battery case)
4 * Phillip Hex M6 * 14mm + Washer + Spring Set(foot fix)
5 * Phillip Hex M8 * 10mm + Washer + Spring Set (P+/P- Bus bar fix)
8 * Phillip Round M5 * 10mm + Washer

Advantage of lifepo4 battery:

1.High depth cycle time Grade A battery,≥80% capacity state after 4800 cycles at 0.5C, 25℃, 100% DOD 2.Automotive safety structure design,more safe
3.A product continuously ploughed, continuously upgraded, visible details improve.
4.Up to 16 battery packs can be connected in parallel to form 82KWh energy storage power station, suitable for home or commercial
5.CANBUS communication, active upload battery data to the inverter, more secure
6.Rest assured after sales: Europe in Germany, Austria, California, Australia have after-sales points. One payment, 10 years rest
7.Do you have concerns about the safety of lithium-ion batteries? Would you like to have a look at the inner structure of our
product? Here we will production process transparent, from screws to finished all the installation details of the battery pack,
you can see, we constantly update safety design, for more security, we want customers to buy back is not a cold iron box, do not
need to open it, then to him like the palm of his hand, see the security of customers for our products more understanding, the
more trust.
8.If you want to know more product details of our product,please click this Youtube channel Link: