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Rose Tree Double Pink Knock Out 4-5ft. Tall Bright Pink Blooms

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Product Description

The perfect plants Double pink Knock Out rose tree is one of the most unique opportunities to spice up your outdoors. the scientific name for this rose tree is rosa 'Radtkopink'. With its deep Green foliage and vibrant pink blooms that keep on blooming this tree can transform any outdoor space into your own private oasis. The rose thrives in full sun light, and can be accented with other shrubs or flowering plants like a hibiscus, lilacs, or other plants in your garden.

This amazing ornamental tree can also be used as a statement piece or a mothers day gift; it can also provide a small amount of shade for plants. this rose can be an attractor of pollinators like a butterfly. This real live plant comes with our planting guide to assist you once you receive your plant. Be sure to give it plenty of water once you plant in your garden or planters. This Rose tree comes directly from our nursery, and ships directly to your home packaged safely with bamboo.

This rose is not bare root or fake artificial, its is a full sized thriving specimen that is ready to plant will continue to grow once planted. We recommend giving your trees a yearly dose of fertilizer to keep it consistently growing and healthy. Our knock out rose tree ships potted in nursery pots, and will continue to grow once planted in soil.


  • The Double pink knock out rose tree is a fresh take on on a classic, taking the bushes and transforming them into a topiary
  • This Rose tree gets covered in re-blooming bubblegum pink flowers that can thrive in an indoor or outdoor planter, as long as it gets the sunlight it needs
  • This rose tree comes in a 5 gallon container at 4-5ft. tall, and can be pruned to maintain its beautiful topiary look
  • These trees come decor ready. This rose thrives in USDA zones 5-10, and will continue to bloom until first frost.
  • Once established, this amazing rose tree will thrive with very easy maintenance to have it keep its shape. Whats not to love!