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Dragon Stone Aquarium Rocks Amazing Ohko Stones to Create the Perfect Habitat for Your Aquarium or Terrarium (20 Lbs.)

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There are so many possibilities when it comes to using our Dragon Stones. Aquarium Dragon Stone or Ohko Rocks have a unique, natural structure that allows you many creative ways to enhance and decorate your fish tanks making it the ideal layout for your pets. Terrarium Dragon Stone is named after its unique texture that mimics a dragon's scales. in addition to adding visual appeal to your terrarium, it can also reduce stress by providing warmth, shelter and a sense of security for your amphibians and reptiles. Landscape Enhance your landscape with the distinct beauty and many dimensions of Dragon Stone. As a plus, landscape rock is very low maintenance and will last forever. Use, Care and Install About Us Quality in our service and products are not what we put into it, but what you get out of it. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help. Wash Before Using Washing your stones is very important for your pet's habitat. We recommend washing with clean water to remove any remaining residue as this is a natural, organic product. Install Please do not put your rocks directly onto glass. Add sand or gravel as a base and then place your stone on top of that layer. This prevents the larger rock from scratching or cracking your tank.
  • Safe to use in all environments - you can use this aquarium rock in freshwater and saltwater or use them in your terrarium customers have also used these in their landscaping as well our rocks for aquarium are free of nuisance algae and any type of pests
  • Natural stone - our dragon stone aquarium rock provides a stable structure with unlimited create building ideas, the aquarium stone is naturally porous with holes and tunnels to allow your animals a safe place to call home
  • Natural product means variation - because our aquarium decor rocks are 100% natural, every piece will be different, as no 2 are the same, during transit sometimes a piece of the dragon rocks will break off but don't worry, these pieces are great to use as a filler and can support anything being built
  • Have the best tank in town- aquarium rock decorations and large aquarium rocks will create a natural looking environment and guests will be in awe of what you have built
  • Lasts forever - unlike artificial aquarium rocks that lose their color over time, our aquarium stones and rocks will not lose their color and will last forever, a rock aquarium should be a source of pride and joy