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Electronic Aquarium Water Chiller Aquarium Digital Fish Tank Cooling Heating Machine 35L 100W 100-240V Cold and Warm Water Machine for Home Plumbing Equipment(US Plug)

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  • Using semiconductor refrigeration, environmental protection without pollution, helps a lot,Provide Celsius temperature and Fahrenheit temperature switching function, very practical
  • Mute without noise bother, low power design is very suitable for fish tank use, support cooling and heating, very powerful
  • Adopt digital display and advanced microcomputer intelligent temperature control technology
  • The product can be used for small scale refrigeration and heating, aquaculture and aquarium
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Product Description


  • Item Type: Electronic water chiller
  • Material: ABS+metal
  • Purpose: Plumbing equipment
  • Model: STC-200 35L
  • Rated: voltage DC12V
  • Power: 100W
  • Circulating water pump limeter Product size(approx.): 115 x 110 x 190mm / 4.5 x 4.3 x 7.5 inch
  • Net weight: 1.80 kg / 4 lb(approx.)


1. Do not use outside the voltage and current range.

2. When working, the working indicator is red.

Electronic Water Chiller

Package List:

1 x Electronic Water Chiller

1 x Power Adapter(10A)

1 x Water Pump

1 x Power Cord Plug

1 x Water Pipe

2 x Pipe Buckle

1 x User Manual(2 pages)

Water Pipe Connection Operation Procedure:

  • The 2Meter divided into two pipes(length can be determined according to their own use), respectively set tube buckles on the pipe, connecting the inlet and outlet pipe clamp the buckle fixed tightly connected to the pump and the power supply can be used directly.
  • 1. Switch on the power, the water began to circulate, and see if there is any leakage.
  • 2. Connect the power cord of the cold water machine, plug the power plug, press the power switch to turn on the power supply, the display screen will display the water temperature in the fish tank.

Installation and Use:

  • A. Install the connection as shown in figure.
  • B. Machine and the surrounding space to maintain a distance of more than 20cm, in order to facilitate the flow of heat.
  • C. Transportation, installation, maintenance, please handle with care.

Temperature Control Setting Method:

  • “SET” light into set state, “Work” light water cooler to enter the working state.
  • “SET” Set key, “ENTER” Confirm key, “+” Heating key, “-” Cool key
  • Short press "SET" key (set down the temperature), press the "+" or "-" key, to the appropriate temperature. (set after the "ENTER" key or 10 seconds after the automatic return to the current temperature)

Sensor fault display E1, close all outputs

  • 1. This product is shown in the cooling water cooling water temperature is 28 ℃, no high power lights and submersible pumps to the water under the premise of the water temperature can be reduced to 25 ℃ or so, the higher the water temperature before cooling, the less the amount of cooling water applied. Cold and warm type cold water machine hot water quantity in the process of making hot water and same as the refrigerating capacity of the refrigerating system.
  • 2. The upper temperature limit of this product is 40 ℃, the lower limit temperature of 10 ℃


  • When installing a cold water machine or hand in the water, please be sure to unplug the power plug first
  • When the thunder comes, please unplug the power wipe head
  • To prohibit the use of wet hand plug, pull the power plug, otherwise it will cause electric shock or injury
  • Please use a dedicated power outlet, do not share the same socket with other high power electrical appliances at the same time,avoid causing the current too large to cause fire
  • For a long time not to use, please unplug the power plug, avoid short circuit, device aging caused by spontaneous combustion
  • The socket should be placed in a higher position than the fish tank, and pay attention to avoid water flows along the power cord to the socket, plug and socket ban filling water soaks in use
  • Children alone is prohibited to operate, so as to avoid electric shock injury.


  • Please use AC220V or 110V power supply, please do not use other power supply (according to the different regions of the use of the power supply voltage is not the same, can not be universal, please note).This product is prohibited to be placed in a stable, high temperature, direct sunlight, smoke, ventilation, moisture in a large location.Prohibition block the vents. Do not store foreign objects near the vents;To prohibit the insertion of metal debris, wire, needle and other foreign matter in the product interior or in the gap of the product


  • When in use, the product is forbidden to be inverted or horizontal;Pull off the plug, you must hold the plug handle, can not pull the power cord, or easy to damage the power cord;When handling, please unplug the power cord plug, use both hands to hold the product at the bottom of the attention not to fall;Please do not place in the TV, audio and other electrical products next to the water machine may cause interference;Do not put in the high temperature environment (room temperature 36℃ above, fish tank bottom tank, sealed place, etc.), may cause the slow cooling or failure.
  • Operation not in accordance with the specification may be dangerous.
  • If there is a power line or other fault please find professionals to deal with.
  • Such as illegal operation may cause damage to the product.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Before cleaning and maintenance, please make sure that the power plug has been pulled out; Please use a clean and absorbent soft cloth to wipe the cover, the body and other parts to keep the appearance clean. (Note: Please do not use a wet cloth to wipe the operation panel, plug and power cord); Do not use corrosive liquid medicine and hard objects to clean the product. (detergent powder, gasoline, banana water, hard brush, etc.); Water can not be entered into the cold water machine,please do not put the cold water machine into the water to clean.

Detailed Function Table:


  • please note that the new type and old type of this product will be sent randomly,and make sure you will not mind before ordering.