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Electronic Densitometer Solid / Plastic Density Meter I MH300A

by meubon
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Electronic Densitometer Solid / Plastic Density Meter 100-240V


1. Can be used when the one more than one thousand scale.
2. Low precision, stability, simple operation, convenient and fast measurement
according to different product characteristics, replaceable, such as water, alcohol and liquid silicone oil medium.
3. Low density direct reading, just two steps directly read the density value of the sample.
4.Low "unibody large volume" is used to design (D170 * H90mm W120), can be easily measured samples of any shape, including solid,
block, grain, floating body, thin films, the body of water, the proportion of foam, etc.
5. Can be accurate and fast measurement not absorbent rubber and water absorption density rubber products
6. Low level RS232 data output function, can easily connect the PC and printer
to choose and buy liquid or powder parts measuring liquid density or powder

Measurable Elements:
1. can determine the density of all kinds of plastic products and raw materials, such as particles, PVC particles, particles,
resin, PE sheet, pipe, wire, plate and other similar products;
2. can determine the density of various rubber products and raw materials, such as cereals, raw rubber, rubber, silicone, o-rings,seals and other similar products;
3. to determination of various rubber and plastic foam, sponge, foam, density of less than 1 floating body and similar products.
4. can determine various metals, alloy, glass, wood, stone, graphite density;
5. can determine the density of all kinds of thick, colloidal, such as glass glue, rubber protection, rubber hardening, cosmetic skin care, toothpaste and other similar products;
6. magnetic material, powder metallurgy, friction materials, ceramic precision, and other similar products can measure
semi-finished products and finished products of density;
7. choose it and buy powder accessories can measure all kinds of metal powder, rubber powder, plastic powder, cement powder, etc.

Standard Accessories:
host, sink, measuring table, tweezers, thermometer, 100g farmar , wind dust cover, measuring particles floating body parts, test accessories, power transformer.
Measurement range
0.01g ~ 300g
Density precision
0.001 g/cubic centimeter
Density range
0.001 - 99.999 g/cubic centimeter
Test time
5 seconds
Read directly
Apparent density and volume
est category
Solid, Floating body etc.
Temperature compensation
Self compensating 0-100°C
Solution compensation
Can set 19.999