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Extra Large Grass House for Rabbits,Hand Crafted Natural Grass Hideaway Foldable Bed Hut with Openings Playhouse for Bunny Guinea Pig Chinchilla Ferret for Play and Sleep(2 Pack)

$68.95 $82.95
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  • Larger Grass Playhouse for Your Furry Friend: Measuring 15'' x 11.4'' x 9.8'', this is the grass hut big enough for your full size adult rabbit or several bunnies, hamsters, chinchillas and ferrets! We also include extra nylon cable tie,so it's easy to tie the walls up and avoid them collapsing.
  • Hand Woven Grass: 100% hand crafted and the scent of the natural blades of grass entices animals to nibble, gnaw and forage. Encourage their chewing of this mega chew toy rather than your furniture and clothes!
  • Multipurpose Use: Apart from using it as a house and a mat, you can use it for a Treasure Hunt game for your pet. Just hide small treats in-between so that your pet spends time in exploring and foraging.
  • Protect Rabbit Paws: The foldable woven straw house is completely pet safe and durable.The hut protects your cat's sensitive claws from the bottom of the wire cage as they crawl in. The rabbit hideaway toy can provide more interest for your pet and you can use it as a pet activity center.
  • Pefect Gift: It has good air permeability and is warm in winter and cool in summer.The grass house naturally rich your playtime with your pet while satisfying your pet's natural instinct to burrow, explore and nest.

Product Description


1.For small animals, such as rabbits and guinea pig. Provides small pets with luxury resting spot. They love to have somewhere sheltered and private where they can nest and hide.

2.Made from all natural grass by hand, the grass mat has attractive grass fragrance and is safe for pets. It is not easily deformed and has a long service life.

3.It is not only a sleeping house, but also serve as a hideaway toy. It has two openings to allow your pets to hide and seek for fun. Put some treats inside it, they will enjoy exploring and foraging in it.

4.This type of grass nest can be collapsible, and it does not occupy too much space. It has good air permeability and is warm in winter and cool in summer.

5.Rodent animals' teeth are growing so fast, this grass mat help to develop their active chewing behaviors and keep teeth healthy and clean.

6.Size: 15”x 11.4” x 9.8”/38 x 29 x 25cm. Suitable for bunnies, guinea pigs, Syrian hamsters, chinchillas, squirrels, dwarf rabbits and other small animals.

Material: Bamboo Fabric Plastic Timothy Grass Plastic Fleece
Item Dimensions: 10.23 x 10.23 x 11 inch 11 X 9 X 5.9inch 3.14inch(D) 16.1 X 11.4 X 6.2inch 3 Size
Feature 1: Nutrition and Health Big enough for Rabbit Ideal Size is Suitable for Rabbits Natural Timothy Grass Ideal Size is Suitable for Adult Rabbits Ultra-Soft Fleece
Feature 2: Professional Processing Soft and Warm Raised Baffle is Effectively Prevent Pee Splashing Great Ball Toys Raised Baffle is Effectively Prevent Pee Splashing More Colors, More Options