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Fish Tank Heater. Aquarium Heater. Small Pond Heater. 800W. 1200W Double-Tube Heating, Energy Saving and Power Saving. Suitable for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums (800W)

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  • 1. (Function and Features) 1. Double heating tube heating, fast energy saving. 2. The heater is automatically detected, and the fault flashes and alarms. 3. Restart after power failure, the temperature will automatically return to the temperature setting before power failure. 4. Dual probe temperature sensing, intelligent water temperature control. 5. The product will automatically disconnect the power supply when it leaves the water surface. Safer and more worry-free to use.
  • 2. (HD digital touch controller) The controller adopts touch to adjust the temperature, and the LED high-definition digital display sets the temperature and the real-time temperature. easy to use. The chip uses PID smart chip, which is more stable. Press and hold the temperature adjustment button (+ or -) of the controller for 8 seconds, the temperature unit will automatically switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. (The controller is not waterproof and cannot be exposed to water)
  • 3. (Energy saving, stable and durable) 1. The heater adopts explosion-proof quartz double heating tube heating, which is faster, more stable and energy saving. 2. The protective case is made of pc material which is more resistant to high temperature and stronger than abs, does not deform and is more durable.
  • 4. (Scope of application) The heater is suitable for many occasions such as fish tank, aquarium, small pond, aquarium pet market and so on. The temperature control range is (59°F-93°F) suitable for aquarium pets and plants with various temperature requirements. 800W(80gal-210gal) 1200W(120gal-280gal)
  • 5. (Recommendation for use) When using, the product needs to be completely immersed in water and fixed to the side of the fish tank horizontally or vertically. The product is installed in a place with rapid water flow, and the effect is better. Avoid the part of the heater touching the sediment at the bottom of the aquarium, which will affect the effect of the heater.

Welcome to Buinto. Buinto is a shop specializing in the sale of aquarium heaters. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and better service. We provide 24-hour customer service, covering pre-sale and after-sale service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Product Name: Buinto Aquarium Submersible Heater
Specifications: 1200W 800W
[VOLTAGE]: 110V / 60Hz
[Product Size]1200w/800w:12.4in*3.1in
[Power cord length]: 4ft+6ft
【PACKING LIST】: 1 × heater with external controller; 1 × user manual; 4 suction cups
Why choose a Buinto aquarium heater?
1. Safe to use. The digital aquarium heater will automatically turn off when the water temperature exceeds 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. When the top of the heater exceeds 0.75 inches, the aquarium heater will automatically turn off.
3. The heating element is high-quality explosion-proof double quartz tube, high temperature resistant and environmentally friendly PC plastic protective cover, suitable for fresh water and salt water.
4. Compared with traditional aquarium heaters, the built-in PID smart chip can save energy up to 30%.
5. The high-definition LED digital display on the controller shows the set temperature and real-time temperature. Easily set the temperature by touching the + and - buttons on the controller. Control temperature range 59°F to 93°F. Temperature Accuracy: ±1°F (The controller is not waterproof. Can't touch water)
[WARM TIPS] When using the heater, in order to make the temperature of the fish tank uniform, be sure to use it with the circulating water pump. It is better to install the heater in a place with rapid water flow.
[QUALITY GUARANTEE] This product has a one-year warranty. In the process of using the product, if you have any dissatisfaction, please contact our after-sales service to solve it for you.I wish you a happy shopping.