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Fleece Cage Liner 27x55 inch (2x4) with Hideout Pocket - Super Absorbent and Hyper Comfortable for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chinchillas and Other Rodents - Easy to Clean - Peach Color

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  • GIVE YOUR LITTLE COMPANION an incredibly comfortable and clean habitat. NEO SOLVO offers cages liners suitable for all classic cages, modular cages and enclosures
  • WATERPROOF AND COMFORTABLE, The assurance that our small friends are like on a cloud and live their best life without worrying about accidents of cleanliness and bad smell
  • HYPER ABSORBENT AND MACHINE WASHABLE, our pads are incredibly effective. They absorb liquids and bad odors very quickly and they dry quickly.
  • FUN WITH A TUNNEL POCKET, Our liners are padded for extra comfort and they are the first and only to be equipped with a hiding place which is both a cozy nest and a tunnel for fun
  • ECONOMIC AND ECO FRIENDLY, With our pads, there is no longer a disposable solution. Much more economical and profitable very quickly. With 0 waste, the whole planet thanks you!

Product Description

Pocket Tunnel

  • Guinea pigs love to hide in a cozy place.
  • Neo Solvo offers you an innovation with the Polar Fleece Tunnel Pocket.
  • So they can hide and have fun.
  • Hidden in the pocket seam you will find extra material to allow you to check that the inside of the mat is dry after washing. If this excess bothers you, it can be easily cut with scissors.

Soft and Efficient

  • Guinea Pigs deserve to live in a delicate habitat and they love having soft ground and nothing sticking to their feet.
  • Neo Solvo hyper-absorbent mats are here to make your life easier and allow them to live their best life!

20 seconds to clean the enclosure, no dust, no litter anywhere!

The 27in x 55in format is suitable for 2x4 C&C

  • But you can also use the mat when your companions are out and about (on the sofa, on the bed, in the garden, etc.).

How often will I have to clean the cage?

  • No lies between us, probably at the same pace as today
  • But it's so much easier for you and more comfortable for them!
  • And to improve the effectiveness of the mat, as our little companions often pee in the same place, we advise you to change the layout of the elements regularly to allow time for the wet areas to dry.

Is it easy to clean?

Hell Yeah !

  • Our rugs are machine washable at 40°C / 104°F. Or at 20°C / 52°F with an additional rinse.
  • They dry very quickly after spinning at 1200 or 1400 rpm.
  • In the open air or in the dryer if it is possible to choose delicate or fragile program.

Any advice for washing less often?

  1. Use a small 12in x 12in Neo Solvo model over the main carpet, under the house and where you put food and hay. This is usually where our companions pee.
  2. Or, put a small bin with disposable litter and hay. They will usually use it as a toilet.

Are Neo Solvo products suitable for all animals?

The mats are suitable for all animals that do not show destructive behavior.

If your companion tends to try to open their couch, bed or blanket with their teeth or claws, we do not recommend purchasing our products.

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Pros Fleece Material, Absorbent, Waterproof Pocket Tunnel, Easy to Clean Pocket Tunnel, Fleece Material Soft, Comfortable,Easy to Clean Soft, Comfortable,Easy to Clean
Dimensions 12in x 12in
Dimensions 27in x 41in / 2x3 27in x 41in / 2x3 27in x 41in / 2x3
Dimensions 27in x 55in / 2x4 27in x 55in / 2x4 27in x 55in / 2x4
Colors Peach Peach Peach
Colors Blue Grey Blue Grey Blue Grey Blue Grey