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Fluval Bio Stratum, Aquarium Gravel Substrate for Aquatic Plant Growth, 17.6 lb

$94.95 $113.95
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  • Acting as an additional source of filtration, Bio-Stratum’s porous structure promotes biological activity for improved water quality
  • Rapidly reduces ammonia levels to help stabilize water conditions in new aquariums
  • Promotes healthy plant development, vigorous growth and vibrant colors; contains a powerful mix of nutrients, minerals and trace elements exclusively available to plants
  • Lightweight powder granules are non-compacting, allowing the finest and more delicate roots to easily penetrate and spread throughout the porous substrate
  • Supports a neutral to slightly acidic pH – ideal for live plants as well as fish and shrimp; suitable for use in smaller freshwater aquariums or as a top layer in larger tanks

Fluval Bio-Stratum is infused with beneficial “bioactives” that will break down waste, kickstart the nitrogen cycle and rapidly reduce ammonia levels to help stabilize water conditions in new aquariums and keep established aquariums healthy. Acting as an additional source of biological filtration, Bio-Stratum’s smaller powder format granules are porous and non-compacting, which further promote beneficial biological activity and enhanced water quality.

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