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Freeze-Dried Deluxe Scrambled Egg Mix Dehydrated Emergency Food,46 Servings

$92.00 $179.00
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  • 46 DELICIOUS SERVINGS: Your no. 10 can contains 46 servings (2lb 4oz) of 4Patriots Freeze-Dried Deluxe Scrambled Egg Mix. This “scrambled” goodness satisfies any breakfast lover. Enjoy delicious meals like omelettes, breakfast burritos, and more!

  • DESIGNED TO LAST 10 YEARS: Each #10 can of scrambled eggs is designed to last 10 years under proper storage conditions. Enjoy your eggs now or stash them in the pantry with your survival food for the ultimate emergency preparedness stockpile.

  • STURDY, NO.10 CAN: Ultra-durable cans help protect your food. This premium packaging works as a barrier to help protect against things that can harm your food: air, light and moisture. Able to withstand 250 pounds of direct pressure.

  • TASTES GREAT & EASY TO PREPARE: Simply add boiling water and serve. "Beef up" your survival food stockpile & provide a tasty variety for your family. They'll love the comfort that only wholesome, tasty scrambled eggs can provide.

  • MADE IN USA, NO ADDED MSG: Your #10 cans are packaged in a family-owned facility in Utah, USA. Our facility is SQF certified and registered with the USDA and FDA. All to protect the quality of your food. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.