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Geodesic Dome With Hexagon Door I 20 ft

by Meubon
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Original price $24,618.00
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Original price $24,618.00
Current price $11,000.00
$11,000.00 - $11,000.00
Current price $11,000.00

Product Description

The dome is highly durable and spacious. It is not prone to the downsides of weather wear and destruction, tearing, mold, and other such problems as found in bell-tents, yurts, or raw canvas domes. This is the only dome in its class, that offers a beautiful hexagonal door. It is also much less expensive than the cost of building a wood frame dome. Additionally, because it is an 'impermanent' structure, building permits are not an issue or much less problematic

 Live in the embracement of the delicate natural landscape

This beautiful, high-performance geodesic dome offers a spacious and cozy interior that takes in the surrounding nature and lends a serene impression on the mind.

Whether your vision is to create a personal nature retreat, backyard guest house, or build a top-notch glamping business, these domes are the best investment on the market, hands down.

We optimize our glamping dome as a comfortable, long-term habitable space. It is perfect for either commercial or personal use.

∙ Low-maintenance materials save you time and expense

∙ Long-lasting domes deliver profits year after year

∙ Offer luxurious, unique accommodations that other camps don’t

∙ Separate yourself from the competition

∙ Set up is easy for those with some building experience.

∙ Superior ceiling height - The height of the ceiling is better than that of competing products. Guests enjoy the open, spacious feeling of a ceiling that tops out at 11.5 feet (3.52 meters).
∙ Enhanced natural light and views - Large-sized transparent windows deliver natural light and great views. Multiple small windows add to the effect.
∙ Environmental colors - Colors like beige and desert sand blend beautifully with the surroundings.
∙ Helpful accessories available - Add options perfect for glamping, like thermal insulation lining, curtains, a solar ventilation fan, bamboo/wood floor and a modular bathroom.

Our geodesic domes deliver the ultimate glamping experience. Guests will rave about how luxurious, cozy and secure they feel. The strong, spacious dome comes with tremendous design flexibility. Decorate with the needs of either couples or families in mind.

The basic geodesic dome package includes the frame, canvas zipper door and membrane. 

∙ Different sizes available from 16-ft to 60-ft in diameter
∙ Made of stainless steel (Q235/21mm - 33mm). Rustproof and wind-resistant.
∙ Colors: white, beige, sand
∙ Transparent area and door position: center, left and right
∙ Transparent circular window: 4-8, depends on the dome size
∙ Ventilation: 2-6, depends on the dome size
∙ Lifespan exceeds 20 years

Membrane Canvas
∙ Made from strong polyester fabric ((850g/sqm) that’s PVC-coated on both sides
∙ Fire-retardant, waterproof, UV-resistant, mold-proof and self-cleaning
∙ Service life of 10 years or more

 Helpful Accessories
∙ Thermal insulation layer - A cozy and pleasing layer to keep the dome warm in cold weather
∙ Dome curtains with top & middle tracks - For best privacy and to keep cool in hot weather
∙ Solar-powered exhaust fan - A must have for moist/hot areas
∙ Pushing window with mesh - Consider it if you want to set up a bathtub in the dome
∙ PVC transparent hole for lighting - Recommend having 2-6 for the best lighting and good looking
∙ Ventilation hole with mesh and cap - More air circulation while keeping bugs and flies away

What About the Deck and Floor?
It is easy to pick up materials for the deck and floor at a home improvement store like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

 How to build the dome
Possible to build the basic dome in two days with two people - at least one of these people needs building know-how and tools. Basic instructions come with the dome. Additional time needed for deck and flooring options.

 Usually, it can be delivered anywhere in the US within 8 weeks.