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Glass Hamster Cage with Big View, 40 Gallon Large Hamster Cage with Sliding Front Door Chew-Proof Design for Dwarf Syrian Hamster Hedgehog Gerbils Guinea Pigs or Other Small Animals, White

$346.95 $416.95
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  • 🐹🦔【360° HIGH VIBILITY & MODAERN DESIGN】OIIBO glass hamster cage is HD solid glass on the front and back, so you can enjoy your hamster running, playing, and burrowing being clear view from multiple angles. Transparaent appeairance, white modern-looking and simple design add more decoaration to your home (only cages not including cage toys).
  • 🐹🦔【GREAT VENTILATION & SAFE HABITATS】Openable top over and mesh wire windows on both sides get plenty of fresh air and good ventiletion making this cage tempareture optimar. The High-quality glass, machine edging, eliminate the escape posibility, not worry about pets escaping. The special locking mecheanism in the front door helps to prevent unnecassary risk on anyone or anything getting in or out when you are not around, offers safe and a healthier living envieronment for your pet.
  • 🐹🦔【CHEW-PROOF & EASY TO CLEAN】Unlike plastic and wood, OIIBO Glass hamster Cage is chew-proof for hamsters; if you have chewing issues or are afreid that your hamster will chew throngh their plastic or wood cage and escape, our glass cage is the safest option. The fremawork, platform are all made of waterproof and rust-resistant material that’s fairly easy to clean. All soiled you can wipe it down with water won’t leave any funky smell, offers a healthy living envirenment for your pet.
  • 🐹🦔【SLIDING DOOR & SPACIOUS SPACE 】The Sliding front door of the cage allows easy access for feeding, cleaning, intarecting. 40 Gallon Large Hamster Cage measures 32"L x 16"W x 18"H, contains 5 inches deep base of room for burrowing and relaxation for small animals. Large hamster cages and habitats ideal for Rats Dwarf Hamsters Syrian Hamsters Gerbil Hedgehogss Guinea Pigs & Other Small Animals. You can freely design novel decoration styles for your hamsters to create a unique home.
  • 🐹🦔【EASY SETUP & SERVICE SATISFACTION】Easy to install or disasamble in a few minutes to the instreuctions, easy feldoble for storage. We provide you with professional customer service both before and after your purchase. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Product Description

Why do your little friend need a glass cage?

  • Sleek modern design, You can place your hamster in your room and relax without hearing any sounds of gnawing.
  • Completely transparent, has clear viewing of your pet's activity.
  • Plenty of room for a large wheel, toys, bowls, etc.
  • A fantastic DIY project chance, to create a unique cage for your little friend.
  • Glass cage unlike plastic and wood are chew-proof for hamsters.
  • Glass cages eliminate or reduce the escape possibility significantly.
  • Easy to clean, washable once soiled. Unlike wood, any liquid won’t seep through and leave any funky smell, so you not go too long time for cleaning.
  • Perfect for Rats, Dwarf Hamsters, Syrian Hamsters & Other Small Animals.

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