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Gold Testing Machine xrf Machine Goldscope Analyzer Handheld Mobile

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In the field of precious metal detection, traditional analysis methods such as litmus test method, cupellation, fire assay method belongs to destructive testing, consuming and dangerous. And sample preparation process takes longer.While X-ray fluorescence spectrometry technology is relatively mature.It can achieve real-time analysis, nondestructive testing, does not require any consumables.The precision can reach two to four digits after the decimal point.We have a lot of billiant minds who have worked on making xray machine more affordable and precsise. X ray fluorescence spectrometry is the advanced precious metals testing technology.

Our machine equipped with imported top SDD,SI PIN detector, the use of aircraft design, high-end atmosphere, with research and development of more than a dozen patents, outstanding performance, in line with the new national standard GB18043-2013, can be accurate detection of gold and silver jewelry and most of other metal elements and azardous substances.

Name: Gold Testing Machines Fisher Machine Goldscope Xrf Price Analyzer Libourtry Handheld Mobile Sri Lanka Machiner Bd Prise Wuhan
Testable elements: Ag, Au,Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Pd, Rh, Ru, Pt, Ir, Pb and etc(70 elements)
Equipment principles: X fluorescence energy dispersion Test area: 1-2mm spot +<40micron
Accuracy: ±0.01% Voltage: 100-220v


(Made in USA)

Power: 150w
Resolution: 130±5 eV Operating systerm: Windown 7
Work enviroment: - 11 ~ 46 °C Advantages: excellent cooling system
Battery support:: no Intelligence: automatic protection
Label/normal/thermal printer: support weight: About 40kg

Built-in computer:

yes size: 467×370×336mm


  • Inner ring measurable
    This spectrum gold detector can detect the inner composition of the ring;
  • Test compensation
    By adjusting the focal length of the camera automatically, the test position of the sample is clearly defined, and the test results are compensated by distance;
  • Accurate positioning
    Panasonic servo motor is used to control 0.3mm collimator for accurate positioning;
  • Macro light tube
    Thin be window micro distance light tube is used to ensure the accuracy and stability of the test;
  • Silent noise reduction
    Japanese silent fan and heat source analysis system are used to reduce noise and greatly improve the long-term stability of the instrument and prolong its service life;
  • Four core processor + Linux system
    The self-developed industrial motherboard is equipped with arm cortex-a53 four core processor and Linux operating system, which brings better system stability and improves custom space and customization function;
  • Fast SDD detector
    The customized imported high-resolution fast SDD detector is adopted to effectively improve the detection accuracy and test stability of the instrument