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Guinea Pig Cage Liner Pack of 2, Washable Whelping Pad with Great Absorbency, Reusable Odor Control Habitat Liner for Hamster, Guinea Pig, Squirrels Bunnies

$77.95 $93.95
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  • GREAT ABSORBENCY --- The surface of the pad is made of 100% polyester with outstanding absorbency. Urine will be absorbed faster than normal and it will help reducing odors caused by insufficient absorbency for urine.
  • WATER RESISTANT BOTTOM --- The bottom of it is made of 100% vinyl which is known with a great ability for water resisting. The urine or other moisture will be locked inside of the pad instead of permeates to the floor outside the cage.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & WASHABLE--- The stand up sides are specially designed to fit the 4 sides and corners of a cage so all the poop / hay / urine / waste will be collected inside the cage on the pad instead of gets on the floor causing all the mess. It can also be machine washed and hang dry or low temperature drying. Use a mild detergent for urine cleaning with water temperature is at max 40° to create a cleaner and more comfortable environment for both animals and humans.
  • SIZE MATTERS --- The size is specially designed to ingratiate the sizes of the cages that most customers choose and it fits the size of the cages like a wonder. The shrinkage ratio is also considered when the sizes are confirmed so don’t worry about it not fitting the cage after washed. The tarpaulin comes with the pad can be used as a den for hamsters or other small animals to create a hidden environment which they like.
  • SAFE DESIGN --- The Velcro design is for easier installation and you can adjust the length of it according to your need . There are 0 metal materials so it will make a safe habitat with no doubt.

Product Description

1 The "Stand-Up Design" 2 The Extra Hideout 3 The Easiest Velcro Design 4 The Anti-Slip Bottom