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Guinea Pig Grid Cage Panels- Set of 12

$72.95 $87.95
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  • Guinea Pig Friendly Playpen: The soft rounded edges and burr-free Connectors let you know that Midlee designed these playpens to protect your Guinea Pig’s feet, skin and teeth (even with chewing piglets); Plus
  • Endless Option 12-Grid System (each panel 13.5" x 13.5"): Piglet parents report that they’ve become obsessed with playpen possibilities, from ramps and compartments, to fun maze designs - with 12 fence grids per set, and rugged snap Connectors
  • Roomy Guinea Pig Run: Cages are confining, so create a big play space in minutes, with plenty of room for food bowls, water bottles, toys, huts and even litter and bedding - just place your piglet inside their roomy run and smile as your little one
  • Multi-Pet Playpen: It’s nice to know that you can add more playpen space as your herd grows, in fact, pet parents with multiple piglets, mixed pairs, or those introducing new pets say that they are able to stop the bickering-with territorial guineas
  • Problem Solving Fence: As you check out the pictures, notice the how snap connectors and panel style Guinea Pig cage panels lock solidly in place; In fact, many customers use their panels to build custom solutions

Product Description

We strive to make you and your pet happy! Midlee started because finding large dog apparel for our German Shepherd was basically impossible. We specialize in unique, fun pet supplies that pets & their humans love!

Midlee - Guinea Pig Grid Cage Panels - Pack of 12

Set of 12 pnels. Each are about 13.5" x 13.5". Create a large guniea pif cage with these 12 panels. Configure to any shae that fits your space and pets best! Easy to assemble with plastic connectors!

These 12 panels can be formed into your desired size and shape. Detachable feet make deconstruction and reconstruction simple and easy. Let your guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, etc. hang out and roam freely inside this spacious enclosure.

  • These panels pair well with the Midlee Corrugated Plastic Guinea Pig Cage Liner!

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