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Guinea Pig Hay Feeder Wooden Feeding Castle Burrow with Hideout Natural Wooden House with Climbing Ladder for Hedgehog Squirrel Rabbit and Other Small Animal Hideouts

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  • [ Wooden Castle with Hay Holder]Hay stored in a fixed location is more convenient for small animals to use food and reduce waste. This design can save a lot of hay, avoid waste due to soiling, and can develop good eating habits for small animals.
  • [ Small Animal Multi Chamber Hideaway]With multiple entrances and exit holes, the multi-opening design makes the castle well ventilated and provides a free exploratory hideout and habitat for small animals to sleep and relax, making it easy for small animals to enter and exit.
  • [Castle with entertainment roof]The roof is a perfect and special habitat, you can put cloths, wood chips, toys and snacks on the roof, and your pet can roam and play on the roof.
  • [Safe wooden castle] The castle is very breathable, each corner is polished smooth, smooth surface better to protect the sensitive feet of small animals, which is safer for small animals. The castle is made of natural wood, with chewing resistance, small animals chew it is safe, while the wooden castle take into account enough stability
  • [ A custom-made castle for small animals]Our castle takes up little space, so you can place it anywhere you want. The castle is suitable for a wide range of animals, perfect for any chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and other small animals. Castle measures 12.5L x 12.5W x 5.3H inch, ladder length 10.1 inch, door width3.5 inch. The diameter of the two round doors inside the castle is about 3.03 inches.You can judge the suitability according to your pet's size.

Product Description

Give your pet a gift!

It is a fun interactive gift

The castle gives him a completely different experience

Comfortable, wide range of application, high utilization, give small animals a natural sense of security, set entertainment and relaxation in one special hiding place, bring endless fun to small animals

Wooden house with feeder


Name: Wooden castle with feeder

Color´╝ÜNatural wood


Castle size´╝Ü12.5" L x 12.5" W x 5.3" H

Bridge size:10.1" L x 5.6" W

Round door size: 3.03 inches in diameter


The design of the castle small animals can eat grass and play, climbing ladder roof can play, enjoy the double fun of feeding and entertainment, very practical and durable, to create an environment closer to nature

Hay feeding storage

Food is placed in the location where small animals can easily access to reduce waste, help to keep the hay dry and clean, so that your pet is healthy and happy

Perfect size

Size specific, easy to choose the right size for small animals, suitable for many kinds of small animals, such as: hamsters,gerbils,mice,small rabbits, hedgehogs, etc

Already assembled, no need to spend time to install again, while saving space, you can put it where you want, in your pet cage, outdoor,enclosure or game pen, it is a great accessory and decoration, easy to clean daily

We will have a castle with a hay feeder, a bridge, and a feeding bowl on the roof