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Gun Safe Biometric Fireproof Lock Safes I Meubon MN78

$139.00 $239.00
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Product Description 

Keep your firearms safely stored and locked away from children and intruders with this handgun safe. Secure valuables with high-security gun safes for pistols, jewelry, cash, passports, documents, and more

  •  This small gun safe has 3 options for secure entry into the inner gun vault chamber. Trustworthy biometric fingerprint access, a 4-digit combination code, or lock and key to quickly open and reach your weapon when you need it
  •  Equipped with advanced biometric safe / fingerprint safe semiconductor technology for rapid identification and tactical one-handed access. The print scanner quickly responds and opens the safe in under a second

  • Heavy Duty Tough Built - Pistol safe with solid steel construction and seamless welding around the edges for increased durability and superior protection. The anti-theft door is pry-resistant to deter burglars or smash-and-grab robbers
  • Install Within Easy Reach - Portable and travel-friendly design. Mounting holes let you install it permanently in a nightstand drawer, under the bed, or within easy reach of the bedside. Or keep it freely accessible in the car or stored on a shelf during trips