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Handheld Carbon Monoxide Meter Portable with Digital Display Battery Operated CO Detector Alarm with 13.26“ Gooseneck

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Product Description

Portable Carbon Monoxide Meter Can Detect Gas In Limited Space with Gooseneck Tube

  • High sensitivity imported semiconductor sensor
  • LED digital display
  • Can test tiny leakage power
  • Fast response
  • Equipped with 13.26 length of gooseneck tube
  • Easy to find the gas source quickly
  • Low voltage prompt

when hazardous gas is detected, LED display will show the gas concentration value, if the concentration value >30PPM, it will start to alarm, if the alarm sound is getting faster and faster, it proves that the gas concentration value is getting higher and higher, so that you can quickly understand and react.

Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, metallurgy, parking lot, closed car interior, gas water heater, etc.


  • Easy to Use - Equipped with 12" gooseneck tube with 1.26" gooseneck tip, total length 13.26", allowing you to detect hazardous gases conveniently in limited space or high distance environment.
  • Low Power Consumption Semiconductor Import Sensor - accurate and responsive readings, detection range 0-1000PPM.

  • LED Digital Display & Alarm - When the handheld detector detects toxic gases, the LED digital display will synchronize the concentration value, if the gas concentration value is higher than 30PPM, the handheld meter will quickly display and the alarm sound at the same time.
  • Package Upgrade Combination - Including 3*AA batteries, the product working current is about 150MA, low power consumption design.


Sensitivity 1PPM
Measurement range 0-1000PPM
Sensor Type High-sensitivity Imported Semiconductor
Warm-up time <20 seconds (25°C, 60% Rh environment)
Response time 2 seconds
Gooseneck tube length 13.26 inches
Operating voltage 4.5V
Low power indication Power indicator blinking
Power supply AA*3 (alkaline dry cell)
Working current about 150MA
Use of ambient temperature 0-50 ° C
Product size 6.1*2.1*1.1 (inch)
Weight with package