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Hardness Portable Photons Tester I Testing Instrument & Equipment I Meubon

by meubon
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1.Big-screen LCD, film-style keypad, can display real-time sampling date and time (year, month, date, minute, second), low-voltage
warning, automatic shutdown.
2.GLZ-B model adopt RS232 interface, extract datum and import EXCEL for graphics, analysis software for free download and upgrade by computer.
3.Special suitcase, smart and convenient to operate in field.
Function Difference
Without computer interface, can only store datum to the main controller
Communication interface: RS485 single- channel, with computer interface, can not only store datum to the main controller, but also
import datum to the computer for processing
Communication interface: RS-485 double-channel, with computer interface, can record two parameters---PAR and illuminance, can not
only store datum to the main controller, but also import datum to the computer for processing.
1.In plant growth and development process, the radiation factor plays an important role.
2.First of all radiation is the energy of plant photosynthesis, the process of photosynthesis influence the formation of
production and product quality.
3.Secondly, as a regulation of the energy, it will play an important role to the development of plants morphology, leaves shape.
and size as well as from vegetative growth to reproductive growth rate changes.
4.Photons meter mainly used for agriculture, forestry and other research and production departments for PAR radiation measurement.
Its characteristics are the spectral response simulation probe photosynthetic function effectively, digital show, portable
compact, with good accuracy and stability.
Technical parameter
Testing Index
Range:-40℃ - 120℃; Accuracy:±0.3℃; Resolution:0.1℃
Range:0-100%RH; Accuracy:±3%RH; Resolution: 0.1%RH
Dew Point
Range:-40℃ - 120℃; Accuracy:±0.4℃; Resolution:0.1℃
Soil Salinity
Range: 0-23mS/cm; Accuracy: ±2%FS; Resolution: 0.01mS/cm
Soil compaction
Range: 0-89kg/cm² (0-100kg)/(0-7922kpa)/(0-890N/cm²); Accuracy: ±0.5%; Resolution: 1
Dew point
Range: -40℃~120℃; Resolution: 0.1℃; Accuracy: ±0.4℃
Light intensity
Range: 0~200000Lux; Resolution: 1Lux; Accuracy: ±2%FS
Photosynthetically active radiation
range: 0~2700umol/m s; Resolution: 1μmol/m² s; Accuracy: ±1μmol/m² s
Wind direction
Range: 0~360°; Accuracy: ±5°; Resolution: 3°
Wind speed
Range: Wind speed 0~45m/s; Resolution: 0.1m/s; Accuracy: Wind speed ±(0.5+0.03xV)m/s
Range: 0~4mm/min; Accuracy: ±0.1mm; Resolution: 0.1mm
CO₂ concentration
Range: 0~2000PPM (if you want a range of 5000PPM or above, please notify before ordering); Accuracy: ±(50PPM +measured value x3%);
Resolution: 1PPM
Soil temperature
Range: -50℃~100℃; Accuracy: ±0.5℃; Resolution: 0.1℃
Soil moisture
Range: 0~100%; Resolution: 0.1%; Accuracy: ±2.5% (indoor) ±5% (outdoor)
Range: 0~14; Accuracy: ±0.5
Total radiation
Range: 0~2000w/m²; Accuracy: ±1% (daily accumulation); Resolution: 5W/m²