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Hay Feeder, Indoor Hay Feeder with Litter Pan, Rabbit Hay Feeder with Plastic Litter Box, Designed for Rabbit Hamster Guinea Pig Small Pet Animals

$93.95 $112.95
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  • ❤️【2 in 1 Food Hay Feeder】The combination of hay feeder and litter box is specially designed for small animals, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. At the same time, the litter box helps small animals to develop the habit of defecation in a fixed place, it is perfect.
  • ❤️【natural material】Rabbit Hay Feeder is made of material wood and is safe for small pets. And after thickening treatment, it is more wear-resistant and durable.
  • ❤️【Removable plastic tray】The design of the plastic tray can not only help the ground to keep clean, also can be used as a toilet for pets, so that it can develop the habit of defecation in a fixed place.
  • ❤️【Large and spacious】The hay feeder is spacious enough to feed two rabbits at the same time, or 5 guinea pigs. Perfect for families with multiple pets in the house. The assembly is simple, and the instructions and installation tools are included.
  • ❤️【A hay feeder for small pets】This set of feeders with cat litter box is not only suitable for rabbits, but also suitable for all kinds of small herbivores. Very convenient and safe.

❤️Rabbit Hay Feeder with Litter pan.
This hay feeder with litter box is great option for many reasons:
- Bunny Rabbit toilet training;
- No more hay waste;
- No more mess at home.
Package size: 43*13.5*31.5cm(17*5.3*12.4inch)
Material: pine wood
Weight: 2.1 kg/4.6pounds