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Hearing Aid Machine I Signia Motion SP 3px

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Signia Motion SP 3px Hearing Aid Machine 


Motion SP primax.

Super powered, compact and fully featured.

With the new Motion SP the latest technological advancements become available to patients with severe to profound hearing loss in a compact housing with a much improved fitting range. primax technology delivers the best speech comprehension in very noisy environments, often the most difficult challenge when taking part in social occasions.


Motion SP primax in detail.

Available in all performance levels and a variety of colors, Motion SP is a compelling choice for patients with profound hearing loss. Signia primax takes connectivity, speech comprehension and performance to the next level with technologies like SPEECH full wireless support with our apps and accessories. Direct audio input via the optional audio shoe and easy-to-reach controls on the device cater to the wearers typical requirements in this class.


Super Power with maximum connectivity and effortless hearing with primax


Motion SP primax.

Powerful & small for severe to profound hearing losses

Motion SP primax in detail.

Powerful performance just got smaller. Motion SP Primax comes in a new, sleek and robust housing in a variety of colors that enhances wearer’s comfort and discretion. primax technology incorporates existing binax and micon technologies while steering amplification where it is needed elevating the dominant speaker above other sounds in a wide variety of speech environments. Improved amplification, integrated direct audio input and connectivity to our touchControl App enable Motion SP to cover a wide range of hearing losses.


Find more convenience and possibilities with accessories.

Our accessories complement and extend the functionality of our hearing aids even further. With easyTek wearers can control the volume, change programs or stream audio directly into the hearing aid for even more comfort and discretion.


Motion SP primax.

Sleek. Rechargeable. Effortless.

With their sleek, robust BTE design, the Motion™ SP primax models offer wearers maximum comfort and convenience. There’s a model to suit almost every hearing loss requirement. Easy to adjust and control, they are packed with functionality that lets wearers hear with ease all day long.



Accessories for multiplied options.

A full range of accessories is available, including easyTek that lets wearers change programs, adjust the volume or stream audio easily and conveniently. The easyTek App even enhances these funcionalities and the level of discretion.


Motion S primax.

Discreet. Convenient. Effortless.

Powerful yet incredibly easy to adjust and control, the Motion™ SP primax is ideal for people who want hassle-free operation. And yet, it’s so small, it virtually disappears behind the ear. With its advanced primax technology, Motion SP primax ensures effortless hearing in every situation.


Motion S primax in detail.

Thanks to its directional microphones, Motion SP primax delivers a superior binaural hearing experience. Available with earhook, LifeTube or, via an adapter, the discreet ThinTube, its sleek housing and convenient controls make it the perfect match for wearers looking for a high level of wearing comfort and ease of use.


Enhanced discretion and convenience.

The touchControl App makes life even simpler: Wearers can adjust the volume and change programs easily and discreetly via their smartphone. Plus, a wide range of accessories is available for even greater convenience.








Type Digital Programmable Hearing Aids
Style BTE
Channel 24
Feature Own Voice Processing , IP68 , Tinnitus Noiser
Fitting Range 20-120 db
Maximum Power Output 140 db