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High Desert Alfalfa Hay - Dried Natural Alfalfa Hay for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, and Ferrets - Protein and Fiber Rich Food for Small Animals - Healthy Pet Food

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  • BEST NUTRITION FOR YOUR GROWING PET: Packed with protein, energy, and calcium, this nutritious legume called Alfalfa is an excellent food for small animals. This naturally sweet hay is highly palatable for animals and it's phytonutrients promotes a healthy appetite and meet the diet needs of your fast-growing little pet.
  • ALFALFA - NO ADDITIVES: Grown naturally from premium Alfalfa seeds in the high desert with sustainable agriculture practices and hand-packed freshly in breathable boxes to prevent exposure to sunlight. The cardboard box can also be used as a hay feeder for your little bunnies.
  • RIGHT AMOUNT OF PROTEIN AND FIBER: Unlike the Orchard grass or Timothy hay, Alfalfa hay has a high proportion of protein, fiber, calcium, and healthy fats that supports muscle and bone growth for young animals. It is easy on their tummy, helps them gain weight while maintaining a healthy digestive system.
  • GREAT FOR YOUNG PETS: Good smell, good taste and the right blend of nutrition makes it an ideal guinea pig food, and perfect hay for rabbits, Chinchillas, and ferrets. Best suited for animals younger than 7 months. While it can't be the main diet for older pets, it can still be fed as an occasional treat for adult rabbits as well.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Grown, inspected, and harvested by 4th generation farmers who have mastered the art of growing Alfalfa. From seed to feed, we keep your pet’s needs in mind and assure 100% premium quality and consistency in every pack of hay that we ship out.

Product Description


Pets deserve the best nutrition and care. Especially, when they are small and rapidly growing, it is vital to choose the best food to support their nutrition demands.

We, at ‘High Desert Small Animal Feed' are committed to the nourishment and well-being of your small pets. Rich in Vitamins, Proteins, Calcium, Fats, and Fiber, our green Alfalfa hay is a perfect food for young rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and ferrets. It promotes appetite, aids in digestion, and helps the animals grow healthy muscles and bones. It's high calcium content also makes it a great supplement for pregnant and nursing rabbits. The sweet taste and nice smell are relished by pets of all ages.

Best suited for guinea pigs younger than 6 months, baby rabbits younger than 7 months, and chinchillas younger than a year. Make sure that you transition your older pets to grass hay slowly after they turn 7 months. Although it can't be the main food, you can feed this to the bigger animals as an occasional treat or supplement


(1) Alfalfa Hay


Quantity: 20 lb

Color: Green

Packaging: Cardboard

The boxes can also double up as hay feeder or hay bedding for baby rabbits as our Alfalfa is super tender and soft to sleep in.

With little to no dust, this large box of rabbit hay will come you a long way and keep your baby pet healthy and happy.

Since 1918, our family has been invested in the farming business

We are the fourth generation that has mastered the art of growing Alfalfa. We grow, inspect, harvest, and hand-pack the chopped alfalfa hay stacks in breathable cardboard boxes to retain its freshness.