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Hydroponic Systems Aeroponics Tower Garden with LED Grow Lights

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  • Why our Aeroponics Systems are Better: Aeroponics is a form of hydroponics; both do not use soil, but a nutrient solution to grow plants, but while hydroponics irrigates the plants with the solution by submerging the plant roots, aeroponics sprays it directly onto the roots helping them grow faster, get better nourished, and yield better-tasting results.

  • Professional Level Mist Spray Solution: Roots need air as they need to breathe as well as absorb water and nutrients. Most hydroponics systems have a deep water culture setup, which inhibits the oxygenation of the roots leading to root rot and a host of other issues. Nutraponics Systems uses the ebb and flow, to solve this problem. Among these, some started looking at spraying droplets of water onto the roots as a solution.

  • Aeroponics Is Better For Your Plans’ Health: With many hydroponic systems, plants share the water and nutrient source which may spread undesired results from plant to plant. Conversely, with aeroponics, the droplets go straight from the nozzles to the individual plants; this reduces the risk of such issues.

  • Fresh Taste, Perfect Nutrient Recipe, Every Time! Aeroponics takes the best of hydroponics and expands it further with greater water savings, energy efficiency, and ample root zone control for accelerated growth. Nutrient levels delivered in leaf, bloom, or fruit tie directly to the nutrient received via mist droplets directly to the roots to absorb the nutrients converted through the photosynthesis process.

  • Plants absorb more nutrients with Aeroponics: Your plants grow 2x faster because they don't have to compete with other plants for nutrients they get it delivered right at the roots by the nutrient-rich water 24/7. Cut down the growth cycle in half and grow faster and more than other hydroponics systems.