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Inflatable Gazebo Tent I Portable Outdoor Family Camping Tent with 2 Doors I 4/6 Sided Screen House, I Canopy Shelter

$426.00 $777.00
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  • Inflatable design tent; Our innovative air column structure uses a segmented air column design with individual air column ports. All you have to do is take the tent body out of the carry bag and inflate it according to the instructions. It will set up in minutes. No extra effort is required at all!
  • The portable inflatable gazebo tent is spacious to accommodate 6-8 people. Inside space is also large enough for placing garden furniture or BBQ grill. Let you have enough space to enjoy leisure time with your family and friends!

  • Easy to carry or transport with a durable carry bag (included), weighing just 22 pounds. There is plenty of room for outdoor activities. It'll be perfect for parties, backyard events, patio lounging, camping barbecues and sporting events!
  • The main fabric of the gazebo is strong and breathable polyester. It is waterproof, sun-proof and flame-retardant to keep indoors dry. The tightly mesh can keep you safe from mosquitoes while you gather with family and friends.
  •  Our package includes 1 tent body, 1 pump,8 ground pegs,1 ground sheet,1 carry bag and 1 instruction sewn on the carry bag. 
  • It is easy to set up by following the instruction manual
  • 5 Days Delivery
  • 30 days money back guarantee

  • How To Set Up The Tent

    1.Open the carry bag and you can see the tent body. The first step is to unpack and flatten the gazebo tent.

    2.Insert the 4 corners of the gazebo tent with 4 ground pegs at a 45° angle. It can insert the ground peg more firmly.

    3.Find the inlet of the air column. Please attach the hose end with the white seal ring on it to the inlet valve at the angle shown in the picture. Then rotate to the right from CLOSED to OPEN .

    4.Just start to inflate. It will be set up in a few minutes.

    5.Please make sure the pressure is not over 7PSI when the inflation is completed.

    6.Pull out the end of the hose directly and cover the valve cap after the inflation is completed. Then insert the ground peg to fix the windproof rope. You can install the ground sheet according to your needs!


    1.If you feel that the end of the pump hose is not firmly connected to the inflation valve:

    -First make sure the white seal ring is still on the end of the pump hose. Then insert the end of the hose against the white valve and rotate to the right.

    2.If you find the air is already hard to get into the tent, but it has not reached the recommended pressure:

    -Make sure the pump is firmly connected to the inflation valve and there is no air leakage.

    -Try to pull up and adjust the tent while inflating. Straighten the air column so that the air is not obstructed in the air column and is easier to enter.

    3.If the inflation valve seems to be leaking when you inflate:

    -It is recommended to unplug the end of the pump hose and reinsert. First make sure the white seal ring is still on the end of the hose. Then make sure that the connection between the pump and the white valve is firm and there is no air leakage.