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Liner | Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners | Guinea Pig Bedding | Burrowing Pocket Sleeve | Extra Absorbent Bamboo | Waterproof Bottom (Midwest, Blue)

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Product Description

Our Story

GuineaDad started because Tofu, our founder Si’s guinea pig, got bacterial conjunctivitis. Si visited the shops and various websites to find the best products from well-known brands and DIY solutions. As it goes, Si stumbled upon the sad truth of the market; products for small animals are sub-par (to say the least!). Si, as well as many others, were forced to find DIY solutions, but a distinct lack of resources made this incredibly tough.

As a result of this experience, Si vowed to dedicate their time to producing high-quality products for small animals to ensure their well-being for years to come!

All GuineaDad’s products are thoroughly researched, designed, manufactured, and created specifically for guinea pigs—because they are different from any other animals. A deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and behavior of this cute but fragile animal is required to design what is healthy and right for the guinea pigs.

This is why our slogan is “Helping piggies live their lives to the fullest.”

For those who are considering disposable options such paper bedding, wood shaving, disposable pads—A part of GuineaDad’s mission is to educate the general public about guinea pigs’ anatomy, diet, physiology and behavior to improve guinea pig’s lives and hopefully extend their lifespan. We write countless guinea pig blogs and create videos to spread the word. On the same line of thought, the GuineaDad Liner was created because we are confident to say that it is the best thing to help your guinea pig stay healthy.

Available in many different colors!
  • Blue
  • Sea Green
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Plaid Red

Guinea Pig Cage Liner: It's Their Whole World

The bedding you choose ultimately determines the quality of your guinea pig's life.

This is why at GuineaDad, we dedicate our lives to continually improve and innovate for a guinea pig's world. Safe, comfortable bedding is the key to your guinea pigs living long lives.

It’s vital that your guinea pig feels safe.

Guinea pig burrowing is a self-soothing behavior that is crucial to encourage and enable. This is why we included our patented pocket, so your piggy is able to feel comfortable and safe in their own home.

The perfect blend of made-from-scratch bamboo fibers.

Our patented bamboo fibers are created to keep the environment as safe and as healthy as possible. Bamboo fibers are usually used for the highest quality human products, and we want to give our guinea pigs the same treatment.

Not all fleece is made with the same care that we put into our ultra-soft premium fleece.

Guinea pigs have extremely delicate feet, and they need to be treated with the absolute softest cushioned fleece whether they’re resting or exploring their home. This is how you ensure that they stay as healthy and as comfortable as possible.